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DOUBLE DHAMAAL - Movie Review : There is nothing double in here but somebody please stop these unequal sequels. (Review By Bobby Sing)
24 Jun, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

After watching this comic sequel from Indra Kumar, the man who has excelled himself in drama and overdoing things, I had a Deja-Vu kind of the feeling since the experience was pretty much same to that of watching ‘Bheja Fry 2’ last week. In other words, here too, where the first part was hugely successful due to its copied status taking sequences directly from its various sources, the second part is not anywhere close to that, making an effort to be an original. But on the other hand, the film is not a complete loser and still manages to entertain you in bits and parts.

Taking off from the concluding scenes of DHAMAAL, it revolves around a story in which all the characters try to fool each other with their own planned con-acts. Needless to say that it’s a loud and absurd kind of comedy based on some weird but comic writing, made with a single aim to make you laugh. And I really don’t mind watching these kinds of movies leaving my brains at home. But, only if they are capable enough to keep me engaged thoroughly with their entertaining inputs. Sadly that’s where DOUBLE DHAMAAL falls short and further with a completely no show by Sanjay Dutt (the main magnetic pull in the movie), one walks out feeling less served than promised in its promos.

At times the jokes and one liners work well even when they are ridiculously written with double meanings, full of foul language, even featuring Gorillas swinging to a Bollywood Song kissing each other. But the actors, deliver these dialogues in such a way that you don’t mind laughing at them whole heartedly, particularly in the sequences featuring the four friends together on the screen. Post interval the pace keeps dropping at various places with some boring and unwanted songs except “Jalebi Bai” which both has a melody and visual value incorporated in it. But other than that it’s a completely uninspiring musical score from Anand Raaj Anand, who has returned after a long gap.

Visually the film is better than its first part DHAMAAL and Cinematography works fine both in local and foreign locations. The script keeps adding new twists and turns in the story-plot generating more spaces of laughter regularly. Still, somehow the continuous entertaining value is missing in the film and there seems to be an overdose of everything, which as a result leaves you less satisfied in the end. Moreover the film ends quite abruptly and the director looks like so over-confident of his product that he clearly leaves a message indicating towards its third part.

In few words, the best part of the film remains its four Jokers along with Satish Kaushik returning to his old form after a long time. Obviously the best of the four remain Arshad Warsi and Ritesh Deshmukh as per their star status. But this time Ritesh is better than everyone in the film coming up with a superb performance followed by Arshad Warsi with his impeccable timing. However, Arshad posing as a funny Sardar in the second half once again takes the community for a ride which should ideally be a matter of concern for the community leaders. Both Aashish & Javed Jaffery play their roles brilliantly but I felt Javed having a less impactful role than in DHAMAAL. Apart from these four Jokers the next surprise joker is Satish Kaushik who is a treat to watch as the Bhai speaking some hilarious dialogues in the first half, but at the same time Zakhir Hussain as the second Bhai gets wasted.

The biggest disappointment in the movie remains Sanjay Dutt who surprisingly doesn’t have a completely comic role in the film as the con-man accompanied by the two ladies. And I really missed watching Sanjay participating in few comedy scenes with the four fools. Mallika Sherawat as Sanjay’s lover is just perfect but Kangna looks like a misfit in her role as she tries too hard to bring in some laughs on her own.

Summing up, I can surely say that there is nothing DOUBLE in here in this new DHAMAAL and few may find it even less enjoyable than its original one. Still it can be watched once for its performances by the five jokers (including Satish) but somebody please stop this mad trend of making sequels which don’t really justify their own set standards in the past.

Ratings : 2 / 5

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