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DRISHYAM 2 - A brilliantly written, worthy sequel that successfully manages to keep you glued despite everything revolving around the same crime, same case and the same characters. (First Thoughts on the much awaited sequel - By Bobby Sing)

19 Feb, 2021 | Articles on Cinema

Making a sequel to a film like DRISHYAM is an extremely difficult task as one needs to get enough meat in the script at least matching the original, if not surpassing it. Probably that is the reason; Jeethu Jospeh didn’t thought of going for a remake for seven long years when he could easily cash in the euphoria around the mega hit released in 2013.

So the writer-director waited for something significant to hit him as a worth presenting idea and he quickly went for it, the moment he cracked it again calling it DRISHYAM 2: The Resumption.

Sharing the first thoughts post watching the film, Drishyam 2 is entirely a writer’s project as that is what manages to give you a similar jaw dropping experience of the original bringing you onto the edge of your seat. So though Mohanlal is right there with his unmatchable swag leading from the front, it’s the writing that scores much above the performances, especially in the second half.

Giving you an idea about the magic created by the writer-director, the film neither has any new crime committed in its entire duration, nor introduces any new development around the case. It revolves around the same crime, same case and same proceedings known to all and yet manages to give the viewer a spellbinding experience fulfilling the expectations. Probably this is a first Indian investigative crime thriller of its kind which has its sequel also dealing with the same case.

(Keeping the detailed review for a later post)
This is how outstanding writing spells magic into a crime thriller.
This is a how a sequel perfectly complements its mega hit original.
And this is how Indian Cinema made in regional languages once again proves its supremacy over Hindi Cinema leaving it miles behind.

So go for this brilliant, well-structured sequel to the outstanding Drishyam - which has its loose ends but the team never allows you to think about them, especially in its final hour. 
(The detailed review coming soon at BTC.)

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19 Feb 2021 / Comments ( 6 )

Just finished it.

Tuhada ek ek word sahi bhraji

Maza aa gaya 

Excellent ❤

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Sagar.
Good to know that the film reached and impressed so many lovers of thrillers of Hindi cinema too.
Do keep visiting and writing in,

Vinod Sharma

Excellent review

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Vinod Ji.
Do Keep visiting and writing in,

Amit Joshi

Saw it just.....splendid work except the climax.....seemed bit unbelievable....friendship with graveyard man was ok but friendship with forensic department was toooooo filmy......in the Ist part everything seemed believable. But this can not take away the credit from the writer and director....till the very end it was unpredictible........but yes I knew that the film script has something to do with the case & DNA report will not match with the skeletons, but how, didn't know :)

I was expecting that Gerogekutty won't let the eyewitness to reveal the truth among police and this would lead to all the drama.

Anyway very very nice work done again in the sequal.

Bobby Sing

Good to know that you loved it too Amit.
Keep visiting and writing in,

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