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DSGMC leaders contradict their own religious ideology by promoting DILJIT DOSANJH - by Bobby Sing

20 Mar, 2018 | Articles on Cinema

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee's top most leaders did a press conference today promoting Diljit Dosanjh and his upcoming film SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT, without any visible hesitation, contradicting their own widely propagated religious ideology and a strong stand on 'The Ideal Roop (Appearance) of A Khalsa’.

But clearing the doubts first, this article is neither about Diljit - the singer turned actor, successfully ruling the hearts making a noteworthy entry into Bollywood as a turbaned Sikh, nor about his upcoming film to be straight. In fact, it cannot or should not be about Diljit, since he has all the right to live as he wishes, as per his own understanding of life and the faith he follows or believes in from heart. Moreover it is entirely upto him whether he is willing to fulfill the moral responsibilities of a Star-Icon or not inspiring the young boys and girls of his community. So this is not about Diljit Dosanjh as an artist or his film, putting it clearly.

The write-up is actually about the fake RELIGIOUS LEADERS who fool the innocent people in the name of religion and have such ugly double standards where at one end they keep promoting 'The Real Khalsa Roop' at all religious programs and Sikh festivals screaming loudly to the best of their ability. And on the other, feel no contradiction in promoting a questionable Sikh youth icon from their own prestigious platform, who doesn’t fit into their Sikh’s code of conduct or the dictated religious format of ‘A Puran Khalsa’ (A complete Khalsa).
In other words this is probably a never before, or first of its kind of ‘Faith Promotion’ by any Sikh Leadership in particular, which clearly shows how solid their own beliefs and ideologies are as the top most religious leaders of the community.
Revealing the contradiction with a personal experience -
Just a month back, a close relative of mine personally went to DSGMC office for getting a Sikh minority certificate for his kid that was required for his school admission. Surprisingly he was denied the certificate as he was wearing a turban but had a trimmed beard (just like the famous singer-performer) defying the prescribed norms. They strictly told him to first stop trimming the beard getting into proper ‘Roop of Khalsa’ and then come back for the certificate after a few weeks.
Cut to today - the same office and its top most office bearers have a press conference with the famous Diljit Dosanjh (having a severely trimmed beard) - promoting him as the new Sikh youth icon without any guilt or shame. Now if that doesn’t give you the real identity of this new-age religious leadership, then I don’t know what else will.
May be after this ‘at your face’ publicity campaign the DSGMC office might start issuing Minority Certificates to all Sikhs having trimmed beards too making a major change in their strict rules or a century old religious code of conduct. Or maybe they have already convinced Diljit to get back to his roots, to have an ideal appearance inspiring the youth as per their loudly propagated religious ideologies in the future.
However if that doesn’t happen in the coming months then the ‘Moral of The Story’ will be, that - Don't get fooled by such publicity seeking campaigns in the name of religion, as they are all opportunists of a much superior quality beyond our imagination.
STAY WARNED - and use your own brains before following any kind of so called religious leadership. Plus do understand one basic thing, that the real religion has actually nothing to do with these self-proclaimed bosses leading any specific sect.

Cherish and Celebrate Life living together with all fellow beings developing your own thought process guided by your blessed inner conscience and be at peace.
(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in March 2018)

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