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Death Proof (2007) (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

12 Aug, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

The name Quentin Tarantino itself represents unorthodox, inventive and never tried before kind of cinematic content which has now been widely accepted and appreciated world over by all the reputed film institutions, unanimously. But despite this huge recognition given to his astonishing works, here is a Tarantino movie standing tall among those rare, unique and unusual attempts which are heavily condemned as well as loved by his numerous fans all over giving a split verdict.
In other words, QT’s DEATH PROOF is one of those few films which has been given both one (or even none) as well as five star ratings by the viewers dividing them into two opposite sections clearly. Therefore along with its extremely thrilling content executed brilliantly, the film also remains a worth watching project for this one reason alone that why it has been showered upon with such strong and diverse reviews by the viewers and the critics together, quite strangely. Probably the reason for this split consent is the novel, electric and wicked content of the project, which forcibly makes you join either the appreciators or the criticizer of this film right away without looking for any midway having some mixed views.
Included in the double feature screenings (Grindhouse - showing two films together), the project was cut into two parts post its unsuccessful run in US and then Tarantino’s segment DEATH PROOF was individually released on its own in the festival circuit. Based on a simple plot of a psychopath, who enjoys killing people with his assumingly indestructible car (which is supposed to be Death Proof), the film might turn out to be quite boring, weird and sick too for some viewers. But once you get into it’s dark theme and reach the second half featuring some amazing, never seen before kind of car chases & stunts (without any CGI), you are bound to feel the electrifying thrill followed by enough praises for the director known for coming up with such killer stuff consistently.
Another worth mentioning merit of DEATH PROOF is its women characters, their fearless portrayal and their flawless conversations (dialogues) which are both imaginative and bizarre at the same time. The journey is purely exciting and exhilarating with the girls going for their revenge from the stuntman following his own sick style and its sure capable of giving a good time to all the viewers ready for a fresh, smart but unusual joyride provided by one of the greatest directors of our times.
Having said that, just don’t expect something deep or layered here in the plot talking about a psychopath following his random victims. With nothing more to prove anyone, about his immensely gifted vision, Tarantino seems to be having pure fun here in his loud, violent and explosive DEATH PROOF which might be real scary or a hell of a ride for a particular section of viewers for sure. So do try to crash into this Death Proof car of Tarantino and expect the unexpected from QT as always.

Written & Directed By  Quentin Tarantino
Starring : Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson.

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