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'Deewane Tere Naam Ke' from \"Saudagar\" and its inspirational story. (Did You Know - 17)

02 Dec, 2009 | Did You Know!

This is indeed a rare song, beautifully rendered by Sukhwinder, thoughtfully penned by Anand Bakshi and melodiously arranged by Laxmikant Pyarelal in the famous Subhash Ghai movie “Saudagar”. You may not have heard it before as the song got lost in the successful soundtrack comprising many other highly publicized and commercial songs of the movie released in 1991.

Another reason why it didn’t get the much deserved attention at the time of its release was that the Audio Cassettes (in combination of another film) released at that time didn’t have this song for some unknown reasons. Only the Solo Film Soundtrack Cassettes had the song, which unfortunately was not very popular format at that time. In those days, the listeners mainly preferred to purchase the combination titles with another movie of their choice. So the song remained unheard, even after the film got released.
However there is a complete history behind the ORIGINAL Composition of this particular song which was actually sung in Punjabi.
The Original inspiration behind the “Saudagar” track is "Kadey Tan Has Bol Ve" which was first sung by Janaab Shaukat Ali Khan of Pakistan.
Subhash Ghai & Laxmikat Pyarelal brilliantly adapted the same tune and converted it into a beautiful Hindi song recorded in the rich voice of Sukhwinder, enacted by Anupam Kher on screen.
Later the Original Punjabi Song with the same lyrics was sung by an Indian Punjabi Singer Madan Maddi in his debut Punjabi album released by Tips.
And recently in 2009, the same song was re-adopted by Pritam in the film "Love Aaj Kal" which was sung by Saleem, again a well know singer of Punjab.
So that’s how "Kadey Tan Hass Bol Ve" keeps coming back year after year to impress different generations of music lovers. Interestingly all the singers involved in the different versions of the track originally belong to Punjab and its musical culture immensely famous in India, Pakistan and all over the globe.
Check out these links to enjoy the different original versions of this song :
Shaukat Ali Saab’s Original Version :
Madan Maddi’s Cover Version :

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