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Dhamaal (2007) & its inspirational list.
08 May, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D

“Dhamaal", a successful comedy, has its own list of inspirations given below :

A. It is loosely based on "Its A Mad Mad Mad World" (1963) where many groups are heading towards a hidden money bank.

B. The opening scene of Ritesh Deshmukh is a straight lift from Rowan Atkinsons's (Mr. Bean), "Johny English" (2003) in which Atkinson is also a detective. The original movie too used this sequence as the teaser trailer of their film.

C. The opening sequence of Javed Jaffery, when he gets his hand stuck in the back pocket of another person, is an "as it is" copy from one of the episodes of famous T.V. Serial "Mr. Bean" (1990).

D. The sequence where all four boys are trying to cross the bridge with a car is taken from movie “Road Trip” (2000).
E. And the climax where accidentally, all the money has to be given in Charity on a stage show is ripped from the climax of “Rat Race” (2001) straight away.

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