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Dil Bole Hadippa (2009) & She's The Man (2006)
20 Sep, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D

Rani Mukherjee tries hard to win over the viewers with her manly act in “Dil Bole Hadippa” released in September 2009. In the movie based on Cricket, she plays the role of a young sporty girl, who is too good in hitting sixes but is not allowed to play for her town as she cannot be a part of an all boys team. So to realize her dream, she decides to dress up as a “Young Sikh Boy” and successfully gets an entry into the Boys Cricket team.

The plot is very close to the one in “She’s the Man” released in 2006. Here also when the Girls Soccer Team gets cancelled, the leading lady of the movie disguises herself as a boy, gets an entry into the Boys Soccer team and helps them to win a big important game towards the end. 

Check out at : http:/www.imdb.com/title/tt0454945/

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20 Sep 2009 / Comment ( 2 )


this is starwar2424,

h r u?

U won\'t believe that the day dil bole hadippa\'s promos started to showup on tv,
from that moment i guessed it definitely she\'s the man.... ( copied from foreign movie again)

wat the bollywooder thinks that we viewer are stupid most idiotic villagers those who don\'t know nothing any the world movies or wat going around us..
wat type of movies are made in french, spanish or etc,.

And i feel most disgusted when the screenswriter or the storywriter or screenplaywriter copy the same from any of the world movie or paste it in any of the disgusting bollywood level movie..

WAt the hell they think.. I don\' t understand.....

If u knew .. i don\'t know ... that do u know that BLUE ( the so called bollywood most expensive or stylist movie ever made .... blah..blah...)
is also a copy... of many Hollywood movies......( like Into the blues, torque, etcs.....)

The inside water scene has been completed riped off from the INTO THE BLUES ,, and the bike chasing scene has been riped off from the movie called TORQUE.. and so on.. I think u might be knowing this,,...

the day on which Blue\'s promos was shown i was shocked horribly and said..... OH.. no! not again!!!!.....

And i know that Acid factory is also direct copy of some movie I have seen but i could not get the name of it.... as the promos shows as.. the casting name is written ,,, the same that foreign which i\'m talking about has.....

But could tell me that name of that hollywood movie....

Thanks for ur nice review about our bollywood movies

With regards..


Bobby Sing

Hi Starwar24,
Actually I also wonder how freely the ideas are being borrowed and made into big budget movies with such elegance. The latest example being “Do Knot Disturb”

Moreover I also feel that more or less we tend to make a movie around a love story only, like in the recently released “Wake Up Sid”. The otherwise beautiful movie got ruined only due to the same old love angle inserted into it deliberately.

Regarding “Blue” the similarities are clearly visible and let’s see how the final outcome will be. Looking at the track record of Sanjay Gupta movies “Acid Factory” also seems to be made on similar lines.

And thanks for your kind words.  I really wish to write more with exclusive information and for all my filmy friends.
But please do keep on sharing the info you have at your side.

Thanks, Take Care & Just Keep Writing!
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