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Do you copy from Hollywood films? - Yes I do & most of you know it! - says S. S. RAJAMOULI. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

14 May, 2018 | Articles on Cinema

With an outstanding box office record, director S. S. Rajamouli is presently among the top most directors of Indian film industry enjoying a cult status. His films such as MAGADHEERA, MARYADA RAMANNA, EEGA and the latest BAHUBALI (1-2) have given a new definition to filmmaking in the country and the name is presently adored with utmost love and respect by both the viewers and the filmamkers unanimously.

However, if we go through a series of videos posted online at Youtube by various individuals, then we find a lot of sequences and ideas behind his mesmerizing execution on screen, actually taken or inspired from the western movies, including many famous classics.

But before you start searching and watching those videos drawing your own conclusions, would like to suggest going through the video clip showcasing a question-answer session the director had with the young college students.
In the enlightening session, a student/compere asks, “Has any of the Hollywood films inspired any incidence in your movies?”
To this Rajamouli smilingly replies,He is being very respectful. The actual question would be, Do you copy from Hollywood films?……. Yes I do, that’s obvious, and most of you know that. What I don’t do is that I don’t copy from my contemporary films. I don’t copy from films that are made alongside with me.”
And then he further gives his questionable but amazingly honest explanation/justification for all the direct or indirect inspirations incorporated in his films recalling his initial days in the industry.
Now his answer truly remains debatable and we ought to have our own contrasting views regarding the same standing for or against the explanation given by the celebrated director. So a debate can surely be continued in the comments section.
But as a humble submission from my side, I would simply like to say...... that getting inspired is very fine and every artist more or less, intentionally or unintentionally does that at different stages of his creative expressions or career. However what one can certainly avoid is the 'non-disclosure' or 'complete silence' regarding the same, only to accept it later, when the references get eventually discovered by the viewers or fans in particular.
Being open about inspirational sources accepting it with grace, before others find it and start pointing them out with exact clips..... is what I would personally respect a lot more as a fan and supporter. In fact would love to see the names of all the influential or inspiring directors in the credits, before the beginning of the next Rajamouli film, answering one and all.
Here is the video clip in the link and do share your views in the comments after watching it.

(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in May 2018)

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