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EEGA/MAKKHI (Telugu/Hindi) - The film proudly proves that CINEMA in South India is miles ahead than what is being made in Bollywood. (Review By Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

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From the last few years, I was gradually forming an opinion that probably the good old days of Indian Cinema with the passion of trying something exceptional & out of the box are now over. The ‘Commercially Viable Business Models’ served in the name of Cinema are repeatedly making their presence felt and since the viewers are also interested in watching such projects only without any strong content, therefore there is no stopping to this trend as its seems.

But fortunately this myth of mine was proven wrong when I watched some recent outstanding masterpieces made in the South like MAGADHEERA & EEGA, both directed by S. S. Rajamouli. These films once again made me proud of our Indian Cinema and I was extremely delighted to know that there still are some exceptionally talented film-makers in our country who are capable of pushing the envelope further in a manner which is undoubtedly equivalent to any kind of cinema being made in the other parts of the world.
In few strong words, if you are an Indian and consider the Hindi Cinema the only worthy representative of our Industry in the world over then you are seriously unaware and utterly wrong because you still haven’t watched some “mind blowing” and “creatively shattering” stuff being made in the South from decades.
Beginning my praises for this Indian masterpiece called EEGA (Makkhi in Hindi), I would personally recommend watching it in its original language as the process of dubbing extracts many things out of a film unintentionally. The exact feel of the concept gets compromised somewhere and that surely hampers the overall impact of the execution which cannot be avoided. EEGA can easily be included in the list of films which can be seen in their original language without any hesitation at all, despite of the fact that you will not understand even a single word spoken in the entire film. But in case you are not willing to watch it in Telugu, then essentially watch it now in Hindi as the film will delightfully open some new enlightening doors for all the die-hard movie lovers in India, introducing them to the enjoyable world of cinema being made in the southern part of our country, deserving much more praises than being currently showered upon.
Perhaps, releasing the dubbed version of EEGA was a right decision by its makers too since this kind of gigantic movie strictly cannot be re-made again and it will be a purely silly decision if a person even thinks of trying it again in order to give some better results. The film features such innovative & incomparable graphical animations which have never been used before in Indian Cinema, far ahead than the ones featured in some recent Hindi films. In fact after watching EEGA, I was forced to admit that the talented director Rajamouli has successfully passed his own creative standards set in MAGADHEERA, which was certainly not an easy aim to achieve without any doubt.
Returning to the film itself, honestly it doesn’t need a review at all but only deserves a write-up to inform the hungry viewers that if you are really interested in seeing something exceptionally made in our own country then you got to see EEGA/ MAKKHI at the earliest and that’s it.
However for friends who would still like to know more about it, for them its based on a plot which you will not like to believe easily. But director Rajamouli will make you believe in it through his highly convincing execution in those two outstanding hours and you will feel like having watched something extraordinary as never before. As I said earlier, the film pushes the envelope of Cinematic Entertainment in India further and following are my questions in support of this statement in order to make it more entertaining for the readers.
Can you ever think of a hero being reincarnated in the world again in the form of a Eega/Makkhi/Fly?
Can you ever imagine a Fly taking revenge from his killer like a filmy hero with all usual pump and show?
Can you think of an animated fly giving a great performance along with doing comedy and some outstanding action scenes to get its mission complete?
Can you ever think of falling in love with a Eega/Makkhi/Fly enacting on screen?
Or To make it more specific,
Can you ever think, that you will cheer for a Eega/Makkhi/Fly in the theater, getting out of the way of a speeding bullet just like Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar does in their action movies?
No, probably you won’t even think of witnessing any such acts on the Indian screen, which director S.S. Rajamouli unbelievably brings in for you in his mega venture EEGA. In my opinion EEGA would have been the perfect choice for the OSCARS this year as it has got the content to prove the world that Indian Cinema is in fact capable of a lot more than just love, songs & dance or poverty by the road side.
Particularly, if you are a fan of animation films featuring many real life characters too, then do watch it essentially by taking a leave from your office or business. And if you are a student of animation and excited enough to learn this art beyond the usual, then just bunk your classes for few hours and watch EEGA with your whole group together at the earliest.
Having said that, its quite possible that for a certain section of viewers it may turn out be highly unbelievable, crossing the limit of imagination and ridiculous. But for friends thinking on that terms, I would like to say that EEGA is a perfect example of how a person can have the blessing of not only thinking out of the box but also possessing the exceptional unbelievable talent to perfectly execute his irrational thinking in an incomparable manner, making it highly entertaining and convincing.
Yes it’s a bit repetitive and lengthy too which will obviously give some reasons to all the reviewers for a star less or so. But for me even thinking of making a film on such plot deserves half the marks and then doing the job with an unimaginable conviction, making it highly entertaining and believable gets the other half. So it goes way beyond ratings due to this very reason as per my review.
Regarding the argument over the inspiration factor here, there have been many movies made in the West revolving around insects and similar concepts. But they all are either animated films for kids, scary/horror movies or disaster films where the insects grow to an extraordinary size, killing the human race vaguely. References can also be drawn from similar subject in FLUKE (1995) and COCKROACH (2010), but still they are not a thriller or a revenge drama with such magnificent special effects as depicted by Rajamouli in his latest flick. Hence EEGA does enjoy its own distinct position among the top films made in this particular genre in the entire globe without any question.
Well supported by a pumping background score, its an exciting roller coaster ride with no predictable turns or any usual glitches. The film has sequences which would make you sit straight on your seat with excitement like the one when the fly is chasing the villains car or when its trying to get away from the attacking eagles in the end. Musically it has few catchy songs composed by M.M. Kreem which put the movie on a soft mode as it begins. But once the action gets started, you don’t really mind watching anything else and get involved with EEGA instantly. Cinematography along with some brilliantly conceived animation offers you something never seen before on Indian screen till date and this should give you enough indication to watch it as soon as possible.
Its not an easy task to act in a film which mainly depends upon an animated character, found no-where around when the scenes are being shot (as they are all added at a later stage). Hence the entire cast surely deserves a special mention here for acting naturally just imagining the proceedings as per the instructions given by their visionary director. And for that I would really like to applaud the visible efforts made by Sudeep, who never makes you feel that he is actually reacting to literally nothing. Such is the impact of the game being played between Sudeep and Eega, that after watching the film, next time a fly will come near your face, eyes, ear, mouth or nose then instead of getting rid of it with a blow you will try to see it more closely, as if its another EEGA born again for a specific purpose on earth.
To put it more bluntly, EEGA is an Indian film which will even make the Western producer-directors sit back, take notice and ask that, Who’s this person in India making such kind of films so beautifully?
Earlier I had an opinion that only World Cinema has got some courageous directors who simply don’t like to make all those usual movies and always try to give something novel and fresh in their each new project. But now after watching both MAGADHEERA and EEGA, I am forced to change my opinion as we too have a talented creative visionary known as S. S. Rajamouli who can easily be called our Indian Magician capable of making gems equivalent to any quality cinema being made in the rest of the world.
Yes, magician is the right word to describe director S. S. Rajamouli, as I have watched his three films in a row and with each new film he has taken a giant leap ahead which I haven’t seen in Hindi films post the 70s quite honestly.
So Kudos to the creative director SSR and hats off to both his imagination and execution which arguably is beyond comparison with any other director at present in the entire Indian Film Industry. As I remember, I experienced this kind of experimental innovation tried in Hindi cinema few years back while watching A Wednesday…., and now its EEGA which forces me to give the entire credit of this not to be missed venture to only one person and that’s its magician director S. S. Rajamouli.
And this is my standing ovation to your passion for movies Sir!
Rating – A milestone achievement in Indian Cinema, simply beyond any rating.
So just don’t miss it!

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11 Oct 2012 / Comments ( 14 )
Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby

Movie is great no doubt, but is full of flaws.
as per your standard like in case of Barfi - 3.5 stars, OMG- 3 Stars, you have pointed so many small points which is easily negligible.

I think there should be some consistency, how can one ignore glaring shortcoming as per one convience/suitability.
If Makkhi is above rating how on earth Barfi and specially OMG given so low rating, it is very discouraging & unsatisfactory for your regular reader,I hope & pray I will never again dissapoint by your future reviews.

Best Regards,
Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
In my opinion brother, we still need to get over the Bollywood syndrome cause film-making is much much more bigger than just Bollywood and its Glossy film-making norms & chocolate movies.

However regarding EEGA, I would openly like to admit that if any of the Indian director chooses to try innvoation in CINEMA of this extent then I can easily forget even the biggest flaw in his movie quite blindly.....
I am all game for novel attempts, fresh ideas and innovation tried in Indian Cinema making them at par with the WORLD CINEMA and gaining more respect all over.

EEGA has a vision which was not been tried ever before by anyone in the whole Indian Film Industry in its entire recent history. Here even a ROBOT needed Rajnikanth and a RAAVAN needed a Shahrukh to sell itself. So first of all I give 100% marks to Rajamouli to even try such venture with no STAR system to support himself other than just his quality vision.

The other fact is that Bollywood could have easily afford to try it much before.............but they actually didnt because no one here really had the guts to try it as they cant really think beyond their usual safe norms of making only business projects in the name of CINEMA.

For you I would like to explain that In creative terms, Its comparitively somehow easy to think, write & make a movie about a emotionally weak character, which will be liked by all or to make a movie about social rebellion expressing thoughts against the already questionable rituals of religion..........Yes its comparitively easy to think these subjects and even interesting to make or direct films on this subject too.......as there is no big risk involved in it of an outright rejection.

BUT it really needs guts of an iron man to even decide to make this kind of movie which deserves half marks and then executing it in this manner gets more than the other half too as mentioned in my review. Plus it needs 100 times more effort to act in such a movie for all the actors responding to something which is nowhere there in existence when the shooting is on.

Moreover there is always a 200% risk of such experiment to go wrong.....a much bigger risk than a BARFI or OMG or any other HIt of this year to go wrong. Such a film can easily become an element of fun for many viewers if unaccepted.

Therefore I need no second thoughts to say that the way S. S. Rajamouli directs this, it puts him into my list of the first five talented directors of INDIA at this very moment.

For me its not even above all its flaws but above any of the film made in the recent decade of CINEMA in India depending upon animations majorly.

But more importatnly, I would like to mention that CINEMA and its reviewing is not just about pointing out flaws of anybody else's work.......The world's easiest job is to find out mistakes in somebody else's work..

This is surely a wrong kind of definition given to the word Critic in our country, in a pretty silly manner. In reality its the job of a responsible critic to appreciate every important innovation adapted in film-making around him, taking the standard of film-making in the country many steps ahead. 

S. S. Rajamouli had the guts to think out of the box and deliver too in such a manner that even the WORLD is praising the movie and its execution with no parallel to draw comparisons with.

So if you felt disappointed then honestly I felt the same reading your comment too.

For your info, even today I dont go to the theater as a critic.
I dont go to watch a movie to find its flaws...its mistakes
No that is a wrong way to do this job and if any person thinks that this is the way to review a film then he has already crushed his passion for watching CINEMA.......completely. And now he has simply lost that way of enjoying movies as an innocent kid.
No, I dont watch movies in that particular manner.

Lastly here I would also like to share my FACEBOOK Status updated a few days before after which many friends went to see the movie and called me back with THANKS filled with great energy right from the theater itself.

"Its really a strange world today....that we are very much ok with Criticism but not able to accept whole-hearted appreciation from the same person........for a particular film as if its not possible!

So here I would like to say that if a reviewer has got the courage to critcise or ridicule another person's film in his review then he also should have the passion to praise the deserving director's work so Loudly that it should be heard by every single person around to get benefited from it.

And following this "Golden Rule of Reviewing" - I would like to shout from my roof top that "Go and watch MAKKHI to surprise yourself like never before.....urgently"

In the end I would again like to say that  I am very much proud that EEGA/MAKKHI was made in India by an Indian director in such a remarkable way.
Hence it is way beyond any rating as per my understanding........In true words I dont find myself capable enough to give this daring innovation any number of stars....... because I myself never imagined any Indian director to have dared making such a movie, with such excellence at all.


superb review.. kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks Naveen and great to know that you loved the movie too!

Vikas Saitya
Hi Bobby

\"For your info, even today I dont go to the theater as a critic.
I dont go to watch a movie to find its flaws...its mistakes \"

Thats what I am saying in our discussion on Movie Barfi & OMG, if we have to enjoy a movie
wholeheartdly then our critical mind should be in background which was not happened In your case while watching BARFI & OMG, which is why I am dissapointed nothing else.

I am thoroughly enjoyed by Makkhi but , if we say in totality OMG is far better than Makkhi & for this you can ask your friends/visitors on FB regarding this.

Best Regards,
Vikas Saitya
Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
When you watch a film like BARFI & OMG....then you dont find flaws deliberately but they get register automatically in your mind as the film has already got something seen before and it also progresses with some clear delibrate attmepts being made to impress the viewers adding many unwanted commercial elements in it.

But when you watch a film like EEGA then...what you are seeing on the screen is a FIRST in your life time......ever happening in a theater in your own country like never before..........so that takes it much higher than any other film.....above any flaw in it as you noticed.

Secondly EEGA is a fantasy unlike BARFI or OMG, which gives it the liberty to think beyond........In fact its basic thought of a person taking birth as a fly is completely illogical and absurd.......But when you see it being executed on the screen like this you say , To hell with all the illogical flaws......I simply love this daring, gutsy attempt........which is clearly not there in any of those films.

And striclty in my opinion its a pity that our own country cannot and is not able to judge but S. S. Rajamouli has done or achieved........whereas the world in accepting his triumph made wholeheartedly.......

Just today it is in HT CITY that the film is being praised all over and they are now dubbing it in Japanese and Swahili as demanded. 

And here is one of the response of few friends at  FB,

"Bollywood ki saari 100cr movies milkar, MAKKHI ka ek baal bhi nahi bana sakti…!

And I am not overdoing it by saying so. This is the most ‘Daring’ movie I have watched so far.
First of all Hats off to the Creative Mind (S S Rajamouli) who had such an out of the world Idea & secondly the entire team & cast who execute it in the most believable manner. This is the perfect example where ‘Idea’ is the ‘Real Star’ of the movie. 

Though I have heard a lot in last one month about this movie & hype was so high still I haven’t thought in my wild imagination that I am going to have such jaw dropping experience, spectacular graphics & spine-chilling chase sequences throughout the movie. Background music is another Hero that makes one to feel the whole fantasy tale in much more convincible way. Even two songs are very catchy. A title track & a romantic track in first half. 

My nephew (3 yr) said "bye bye Makkhi" with Big cheerful smile when we were leaving hall after watching it. He stayed awake till mid-night & enjoyed whole movie. While my sister was feeling hurt when Sudeep cut Makkhi's wing. And then there was standing ovation & clap clap clap.....

That's the magic of great vision & use of VFX most convincingly.

(This is by Himanshu Patel)


Great Movie, Perfect Review, Hats Off Rajamouli.
Keep making such entertainers always.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Hitesh and yes Rajamouli should continue making such terrific entertaining movies.

Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby,
In nutshell everything comes to a mindset of that particular time when you are watching a movie, In my case while watching Makkhi I had heard too much about the same & expectation is too much high that\'s why exposure to flaws is natural,
But In case OMG everything is opposite than Makkhi, hence I found out to be best movie of 2012.

In your case while watching OMG, Bobby you have defence mechaniscm of mindset activated as you have seen related movie like Yeh Hai Zindagi & other English Movie & unintentionally drawn towards its flaws, which is quite natural for that particular movement.

Both movies is extraordinary in own sense, just perspective of watching changes everything what I understood from our discussion.

Best Regards,
Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
Taking a clue from your perspective only......
OMG can be called an extraordinary movie......due to its sensitive subject tried in the boldest manner ever in a country like India, where people are not used to it. But I cant use the same word for its execution at all. (However I could do that if only they had not included Akshay in the script as GOD which is clearly added forcibly)

Where as
EEGA / MAKKHI can be called an extraordinary movie both due to its first ever kind of path-breaking and daring exposure in the country plus having a more than exceptional execution of the subject with such a conviction......

Hence Yes both the movies can be called exceptional rightly.

But in the end Once again I wish to quote that "I strictly dont have a mindset which keeps the related movies in account while watching a new movie"
In poetic words, Friday mornings are the most Blank mornings I have with just movies to see in mind and no preset thoughts about anything related knocking from the inside.

So keep watching good movies and keep the passion alive.


Eega, Telugu Chalana Chitra Parisrama lo oka mailurai. S.S. Rajamouli gaaru kalalo saitham oohinchadaniki veelukaani oka kadhanu theesukuni intha adbhutham ga theerchididdaru. First 30 mins lo love story.... Eega revenge annii superb. Sudeep action inka superb.... Leni eeganu oohinchukuni act cheyyadamante nijamga great.... Final ga Kevvvuuuuu Kekaaaaaa...... :)
Bobby Sing

Hi Bhanu,
Thanks for your comment but unfortunately I cant understand the language.
So if possible do post the comment again in English.

Vishnu UK
There is a short film called COCKROACH 2010.... Seems connected...
Bobby Sing

Dear Vishnu UK,
Thanks for your comment but it seems you havent read the review completely and just gave it a glance.
Because what you have mentioned is already there in the reveiw along with one more name.
So do chek it out again.


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