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EK SECOND - Movie Review : A dedicated poor copy of \"Sliding Doors\" (1998). (Review By Bobby Sing)

11 Jun, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / E

The long old practice of getting inspired from the West continues in Bollywood with this new release called “Ek Second - Jo Zindagi Badal De” as its complete title. A very immature copy of “Sliding Doors” released in 1998, it simply offers nothing even close to exciting or thought provoking as compared to its original. In fact the only positive impact it can possibly make is to create enough curiosity in the viewers to watch its real source of inspiration, which no doubt was based on imaginative creative thinking.

But whenever such hugely inspired movies are presented before us, I really wonder that Do the writers and directors actually reveal what they are going to copy in their initial talks with the producers about the project or not? Do they really bring along the Original DVDs of the English movies in those meetings or they simply take the producers as granted. Whatever the case may be, the bitter truth is that Indian Film Industry is still working on the same rotten path of copying and we are still being served very amateurish kind of unofficial versions in the name of entertainment.
Director Partho Ghosh has earlier been associated with projects such as 100 DAYS and AGNISAKSHI which were also clear clones of their English hits. And he keeps following the same old trend in his EK SECOND too. However in his latest version he chooses a wrong movie to get inspired from as the subject is just not apt for the Indian viewers.
The story deals with a female character, whose life gets drastically affected, as she misses on to the tube-train by only one second. From the tube-station itself the narration divides the storyline into two imaginary parts. One part of the movie talks about the girl taking the train in time and then meeting another guy in the tube. Whereas the other part of the story deals with the girl missing the train and then catching her boyfriend at home in bed with another lady. Sounds interesting…….yes it surely is, but sadly not in this below average copy of the real thing, as it completely ruins the innovative subject with its sub-standard treatment.
In few words, EK SECOND is one of those poorly made projects which luckily get to see the light of the theaters due to some reason. The movie seems to be long in the making with names such as Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff and Anand Raaj Anand. Many scenes in the film involving some new and uncomfortable actors are simply intolerable. Post intermission, each such new scene featuring the amateur actors forces you to move out of hall at once, which clearly indicates about the quality of the movie as a whole.
Frankly speaking, I should not be taking more of your time writing about the performances, music, cinematography or direction in “EK SECOND”. If you really think it’s based on an interesting concept, then you may watch “Sliding Doors” (which incidentally is also just an above average stuff only).
Yet, the only comment I can give here for the movie is, Let’s move on to something better.

Rating : No Stars (As it’s another unofficial rip-off)

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11 Jun 2010 / Comment ( 2 )
Sanchit Goyal

It requires lot of courage to go into the cinema hall for such kind of movie when you know it will be terribly pathetic!! It is an effort in itself to watch such a movie.

Bobby Sing

Yeah Sanchit it sure gives you a tough time.......but I guess that is among the few minor negatives of a reviewer's job.

Actually I went for it as I had recently seen "Sliding Doors" and was willing to see how they have ruined it.


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