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EK THA TIGER - Another sure shot hit, 'Star Guided' business project which is just made to encash the 'Idol Worship' in our country. (Review By Bobby Sing)
15 Aug, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

To begin with, I was really excited to see one of the most hyped movie of our times EK THA TIGER not just for Salman Khan, but for the rare combination of a sensitive director and a super star coming together. Having loved director Kabir Khan’s first venture KABUL EXPRESS and to some extent his NEW YORK too, I was eager to see what the ‘thinking director’ does with the aura around a mega star and how he deals with the interference often seen in such big films from their known names.

The excitement was also accompanied by some fear generated by its promos, which were clearly cut to exploit the Star-Mania in the nation, instead of stressing more on the film’s content or storyline. Frankly speaking, all those short promos talking only about Salman’s age, his girlfriend, her clothes or his marriage strictly didn’t looked like from a film directed by Kabir Khan at all. So I was really doubtful that ETT might also turn out to be another Star-Guided film made simply around that ‘Big Image’ of its lead hero, just like last year’s DON 2 which was also not a Farhan Akhtar film from any angle.
Unfortunately, my fear won over the excitement as I found EK THA TIGER once again a project just made to encash the “Star Idol Worship” in our country and nothing else. Being released on a National Holiday (15th August) with an open 5 day weekend (including Eid) and a never heard before number of prints, it is sure going to be a mammoth blockbuster, perfectly planned by its producers and Salman himself. But coming from a director like Kabir Khan, its in fact quite sad and disheartening for the future of our own Indian Cinema which more believes in bowing down in front of its Stars than being confident on their own vision, content and talent. So here I have got very less to talk about the film but more about the kind of films we are currently making in the name of entertaining cinema.
ETT starts off on a typical note with a long fight sequence and then enters into a romantic zone as a trademark feature of a Yashraj film. In the first half it stresses more on the romance between its two stars and less on being a spy thriller. Revealing two completely predictable twists before and after the interval, its pace drops hugely as it progresses towards it overstretched uninteresting climax. So where the first half tries to win over the viewer with its romantic moments, the second half tries the same through its prolonged actions sequences which are well directed but tend to go overboard too (like the train stopping with a coat and again wearing it calmly).
As expected it’s a Salman Khan movie all the way, with him being there in its almost every frame as a RULER. He does everything in the movie ranging from dance, comedy, action and romance regardless of the fact that he is actually playing a country’s official undercover spy. Yet for the fans who love watching his comic scenes, the film might turn out to be less entertaining as compared to Salman’s last few South remakes. No doubt, the one line basic plot of the film, of showing a love affair between two extreme personalities related to RAW & ISI is interesting. But the way it is executed on the screen, can easily be rated as completely filmy, with the agencies of two major countries of the world trying to catch their own spies like kids. The writers take the viewers as granted as they easily forget their initial plots and get on to the others without caring about any continuity. For instance, the suspicious professor suddenly disappears out of the film and the story shifts to another plot altogether post intermission.
In simple words ETT solely depends upon its ‘Star Charisma’, few entertaining romantic moments, some well directed action sequences and the long festival weekend in which it is being released planned intelligently. But for the appreciators of famous western spy thrillers, this would be another Indian mishmash of several foreign films which actually takes you no-where. And on top of all, it also ends on an incomplete note indicating towards its sequel as per the current trend of our films.
Music further remains one of the ineffective points of ETT with no particular songs making a solid impact as seen in Salman’s previous projects. However Cinematography makes it likable along with a fine background score by Julius Pecham, which majorly works in its action sequences.
Talking about performances, when you have a star called Salman Khan in the film then you don’t have performances but only people reacting to his dialogues in the script to their best of their abilities. So Salman plays the part of a powerful spy (on whom questionably the whole RAW relies) in his own usual unique carefree style, providing a lot of moments for his fans to cheer loudly. He is the superhero who can jump onto a flying plane from his running motorcycle and who also has a divine healing system in his body wherein a bullet wound simply vanishes without leaving a mark. Still one can say that he has a better role to play this time, moving far ahead than his own READY and BODYGUARD.
Katrina Kaif as her rival lady love, holds herself well in front of Salman and looks stunning in some fabulous outfits. She features in few exceptional stunts in the second half (done by a professional), which are bound to get her enough claps and shouts despite of Salman being there in the fight. Supporting them both are all the other actors in the cast who obviously don’t have any important significance in the script. And the list has names such as Girish Karnad, Ranvir Shorey and Roshan Seth.
Coming to the most unfortunate feature of EK THA TIGER, it’s indeed disheartening to say that there is no sign of director KABIR KHAN in the film from start to finish. The sensitivity with which he handled the issue of terrorism in both his KABUL EXPRESS & NEW YORK is simply not there. The interesting writing seen in his above mentioned films seems to be lost in the aura around his STAR and as a result Kabir Khan comes up with the weakest film of his career after an unconvincing NEW YORK. Probably the reason for this lies in his flawed script which keeps shifting its focus from one aspect to another touching romance, action, sacrifice, revolt and patriotism in a vague manner.
And that brings me to a conclusion about our Indian Cinema wherein talented directors such as Kabir Khan easily bow down in front of the STAR ENIGMA and make a film which really doesn’t seem to be representing their own vision of film-making. Now this clearly indicates that here if you want to have a BIG STAR in your film then you got to forget what you actually wished to make and work as per the guidelines given by the “Men in Power” only. The point can be understood better once you have watched ETT as the film bluntly reveals that where the director had a vision of making an exciting thrilling spy movie, he couldn’t do so due to the pressure of using more romance and Salman Khan in its each and every frame right till the end. Consequently it turns out to be an average flick caught in the conflict of making a good spy film or a Super-Star’s film.
With such a mindset, I am forced to think that, When we would actually get to see some exceptionally brilliant films featuring our own favourite Stars in the near future? The real cinema requires complete freedom given to the director irrespective of who is playing the main lead in the project. But if we would continue making movies only around the beloved Idols just to encash their huge fan following without caring about the script or its director’s vision then we would not be able to remember these Hit films after many years, as we fondly remember the Golden Classics of the past.
In support of this insight, I would like to mention that in India we follow this IDOL WORSHIP in such a way that for the first time I witnessed a trailer of an upcoming Yash Chopra movie which doesn’t even have a TITLE yet, proudly shown before the start of ETT. Frankly speaking, for me this was just the height of absurdity, openly admitting that we are no more making CINEMA but only “Business Projects” to sell in the market of innocent audience, blindly in love with their stars.
Hence its time to wake up and strongly demand some original, memorable movies from our own Idols, which would be worth showing to our kids after few decades.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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15 Aug 2012 / Comments ( 8 )
Amit Joshi

Bobby ........well written as always...........Some days back I saw trailer of \'Atlas Cloud\' & I was wondering can India think this kind of creative script ever.........We are making English Vinglish in American backdrop whereas it should have a middle class Indian Student story........Everybody knows how to promote films among audience in bollywood but very few knows story. I still wonder why rest of the world cinema is better than us.
Do they have better genes or they are fearless ?

Bobby Sing

Thanks Amit for your comment but may be my answer would be a shocking one for you.
As you asked , "Can India think this kind of creative script like "Atlas Cloud" ever?"

To this I would reply,
"YES, India can think of such creative script but not in Hindi Cinema at present. If you wish to see such creative scripts then watch films by masters like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and many more.....in our own regional cinema. So If you really want to witness some great creative ideas introduced in our own films then watch their cinema as a must.

Western cinema is worth watching for sure but our regional cinema has many such masterpieces which sadly remain unseen by the majority of population"

Secondly, regarding the English Vinglish you are absolutely right that it should have a middle class Indian Student story........instead of a foriegn tour.............and thats because we are no more making films but business projects which keep an eye from the big earnings to be recieved from the overseas.



Nice and Honest review..!!! Better
Saw the first Day first show..Disappointed..No pace in the movie at all..
ISI and RAW story just used in the background..could have used it instead of focusing on the love story..
just another movie to encash the moolah from the audience..

Bobby Sing

Thanks Vighnesh and Yes it was indeed a movie simply made to cash on the Salman-Katrina craze and nothing else.


Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby
I am never a part of Star Hysteria, but for a chance decided to go with the flow because of director name involved, but it results in very unpleasant experience.

One thing is sure we will never ever wakeup to understand that story, screenplay & direction is prime driving force on which a movie can be called as CLASSIC.

Alas , In today\'s business centric world Art will always suffer most of the time.

Best Regards
Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Its very true Vikas, that Hindi Cinema is at present running on a seriously pathetic mode.........but not regional cinema for sure as its still churning out movies like gems.



Agree, There were reports somewhere I read that Salman khan changed the script and many other things , that\'s why basically I have stopped watching SK movies in theaters from wanted, dabang,ready, body guard all were business projecta..... at least SRK movies have some content, even Ra.one you can see the efforts behind, or from Swades, Asoka, Chalte Chalte, Dil Hai Hindustani, Paheli (not Don 2 as you said).. all have some honesty behind.

YRF is making this type of business projects from long time now.. if you remember last time when did you saw a real story in their movie.

Bobby Sing

You are very right about YRF's last few ventures Anup.
And as I am told there next flick with Shahrukh is also said to be the remake of their own Rajesh Khanna hit DAAG. (But not sure)


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