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ELECTION Results and its link with Hindi Films on Doordarshan before the 90s. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

15 May, 2014 | Articles on Cinema

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The topic is sure to bring back many lovable memories of those nostalgic times before the 90s. Particularly for friends, who were at least in their teens in 70s or 80s when Doordarshan used to be the only source of audio-visual entertainment in our homes, running for just few hours in a day, once in morning and then in the evening till 11 pm or so.
Now in those times, as kids and teenagers we were not much concerned about the elections for any social or political reasons. But still, we all eagerly used to wait for the Election Results since those were supposed to be our non-stop movie days with Doordarshan airing film content one after another, breaking its fixed norms.
Unlike the present world of more than 100 channels, those were not the times wherein a panel could go on discussing the same topic for more than 12-15 hours aiming a specific section of viewers only. It was the era of only one channel (till the late 80s) and thus they had to find a way to keep everyone satisfied while airing the elections results continuously for more than 24 hours. Therefore Doordarshan used to plan it very intelligently with a clever choice of films to be aired in the morning, afternoon and evenings in an endless mode.
Further since the manual counting of votes required a lot of time and the major changes in seats used to be there after hours only. Hence a 30 minutes ‘Result update’ was aired after every one or two hours of the movie like repeated intervals. And I still recall the hilarious mess caused by these breaks, when the kids used to run out of the room to have some play and the adults used to rush into the room to know the new results as soon as the update was there. So that one black and white television set, obviously became the most precious element of the household loved by one and all, especially in these important days.
In fact the first instances, we kids were allowed to be awake till late hours of night were in the days of ‘Election Results’ only, when all the elders had no other choice due to their own interest in the regular updates. And I remember seeing many known and unknown films in those specific days only, which otherwise were not available even in the video parlours, much active in the decades of 80s.
So can’t say, whether we have really progressed in the right direction in all these years or not. Because no doubt the results can now easily be accessed on various personal gadgets, anywhere at our own ease 24X7…………….but that spirit of togetherness has simply vanished somewhere in this technological advancements for sure!
- (Bobby Sing)


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15 May 2014 / Comments ( 6 )

If I am correct when we were kids, doordarshan was the only TV channel and whenever there was solar eclipse day doordarshan use to Air a hindi movie so that people should remain indoors. sometimes movies relased were only few months old (NO TRP era).

You are doing a great job. keep posting your reviews and enlightening articles.



Bobby Sing

Hi Sushil,
Thanks a lot for reminding me about this another fascinating truth related with our movie watching, Doordarshan and solar eclipses in the 80s.
Really felt the nostalgia remembering the same and would try to write about it soon too.

So thanks again and Keep visiting!

D Bhattacharjee

Tomorrow being another solar eclipse I just remember the childhood days and searched if there is anything available like that.
Thanks that u have shared the same views.

Bobby Sing

Hi D Bhattacharjee,
Thanks for appreciating the share.
Incidentally this is also going to be one of the chapters of my next book DID YOU KNOW Vol.2 with some added information of those times.
If you haven't then do try to go for the first volume that is available on all leading portals online with title DID YOU KNOW by Bobby Sing (Vol.1)

I am sure you would love reading it if Hindi Cinema is a subject you are interested in.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

R. Subramaniam

Event though, we had one then wasn't the quality of programs way ahead of what we see today? Can any home now claim that their entire family watches TV together at least for quarter of an hour.

Bobby Sing

Thats very right and sad.
Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.

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