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EVEREST (English) - Its a visually stunning but not so thrilling adventurous ride, realistically talking about the loss instead of any triumph achieved. (Review By Bobby Sing)

31 Dec, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

EVEREST is about a real life tragedy of 1996 when such expeditions were arranged for the interested (wealthy) clients and one of those teams lost its eight unfortunate members while climbing down the hill (post successfully reaching the peak) facing some extreme weather conditions and breathing problems. The film is no doubt a 3D visual treat with a breathtaking cinematography making you feel the fear of heights as if you are right there with them fighting the mountain range, snow, wind and lack of oxygen. But overall it doesn’t turn out to be anything highly exciting, roller coaster ride kind of film as per the expectations raised by its impressive trailer.
Yes, the fearful camera angles, scary heights, the sudden falls and an excellent use of computer graphics thankfully offer few (much awaited) exciting moments at intervals, particularly in the final hour. But the film mostly drags and is actually a sad and tragic account of a real life struggle between the man and nature, instead of any entertaining and enjoyable adventure.
The first hour of EVEREST focuses on its various characters and how they all form a team finding their common commercial guide. The pace remains slow without any great engaging moments, but following a different realistic vision, here we do not have any individual heroic figure leading to some predictable dramatic sequences of a disaster movie. Besides, the action actually begins much later in its concluding hour, when the team gets to face the sudden snow storms and changes in weather conditions while returning from the peak in a joyful mood. However I personally found that huge feeling of victory missing in the sequences when they all reach the top and start clicking their pictures. At times the visuals are simply terrifying, forcing you to think that why the hell they are so desperate to just climb that famous hill? In fact a question that can only be answered or understood by the people who truly share this crazy mutual passion of conquering the highest peak.
Putting the best of their individual efforts, the entire cast ensemble in EVEREST comes up with a fine show under the splendid direction of Baltasar Kromakur getting great support from his cinematographers, sound department and graphic artists resulting in many stunning visuals. But the written proceedings do not really generate any heart-stopping, enjoyable tension that is obviously the first thing expected from such adventurous venture.
In all, EVEREST is indeed worth watching on the bigger screen alone because of its great visual appeal in 3D. But the film is surely is not the one you were looking for after watching that lively trailer. Also, focusing more on the sad deaths than the proud triumph achieved in its final moments, the film doesn’t allow you to move out of the theater in any celebrating mood at all, deeply thinking about many precious lives lost in just an attempt to win over an unconcerned mountain?
Rating : 3 / 5

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31 Dec 2015 / Comment ( 2 )
Jake Gyllenhall is terrific in this movie..
Bobby Sing

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