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EXCHANGE OFFER - The short film that instantly brings tears to your eyes remembering the good old days. - EXCLUSIVE by Bobby Sing

15 Jan, 2021 | Movie Reviews / 2020 Releases

Cinema as a medium is an art of storytelling, but these stories are all about we the people and our experiences of life relating with other fellow beings. At times we don’t really feel connected to the onscreen proceedings as it is not about us, but at times we strongly feel as if this is our story, and the characters are our representation on screen in one way or the other.

One of those subjects, we instantly feel connected with, happens to be about school life and the sweet and sour relationship we had with our teachers. The fond memories of those innocent times readily come to our mind while watching many well-made projects and these memories are one of the most precious treasures we keep on cherishing throughout our lives.

However, many a times what a full length film fails to convey, gets successfully narrated by a well-written and directed short film of just 30 minutes, establishing an emotional connect bringing heartfelt tears to your eyes.

Honestly, that’s what EXCHANGE OFFER did to me, bringing back all those memories of my school days, friends, teachers, vice-principal and especially the principal - who always kept wondering how on earth I could get so good marks in the board exams, when I was never included in the most studious students of the school, always to be found among the ones getting repeated punishments.

But along with that, stepping towards the half century of my life, having spent more than a decade as a teacher myself, EXCHANGE OFFER also made me relate to its key old character, strongly feeling for his lonely moments and silence; living alone in a room full of books and a personal computer.

The format of short films largely depends upon the surprise element coming towards the end giving the viewer a pleasant or thought provoking shock. That is right there in EXCHANGE OFFER bringing in a lump in the throat, making you feel strongly for the lonely father and the retired principal. In fact, I equally loved the character of the old servant living with him, also cursing him for his nature without any hiding, as a close friend.

It is a simple but soulfully made film. Beautifully directed by Saunak Mitra (on his own story), it actually finds its soul through the impactful writing of Vinay Shukla (Screenpaly- Dialogue), subtle music by Dishari and the emotional performance of M. K. Raina well supported by Taher Shabbir.

So do watch it as it sure has the content to make you feel better in these tough times.
EXCHANGE OFFER is available at Youtube (as a free to watch film) at the link below.


Bobby Sing

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