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F.A.L.T.U. - Movie Review : Its weak, amateurish and has too many songs but still I fully support its novel thought on the admission percentage criteria of Colleges. (Review By Bobby Sing)

06 Apr, 2011 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / F / Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

An inspired or copied film doesn’t provide me enough excitement to write about it in details. And F.A.L.T.U. remains one of those unofficial inspired movies which fearlessly take the main idea from another director’s work and then serves it with some extra toppings to the viewer as an original creation. But in this case, even the copy is not the first as there was another movie released in year 2010 which was also based on the same idea taken from the English flick “Accepted” (2006). Yes, “Accepted” too is said to be made around a similar idea used in few other movies such as “Camp Nowhere” (1994). But still this fact cannot be used as an excuse by the makers of FALTU for their copying act.

Some students who are not able to get admission in any reputed college due to their low percentage think of opening a fake university online, just to show to their parents that they have been accepted there. But their idea turns out to be big problem when the university becomes famous on the net and more students apply to it unknowingly. Last year we had a small budget movie called ADMISSION OPEN which was also based on this novel original thought of Steve Pink’s “Accepted”. And this year we have a comparatively decent budget movie made on the same topic from the house of Vashu Bhagnani. In the original the fake university is called “SHIT” which stands for South Harmon Institute of Technology and in this present copy version it is called “FALTU”which stands for Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust University.
As a movie experience, F.A.L.T.U. gives you the same result as per its title. Its weak, its amateurish and has too many songs which irritate. Thought some of the tracks are good but coming one after another just like that, make the viewer restless. The script takes too many liberties in its execution of an interesting idea and as a result the proceedings on the screen look like childish and unbearable. Like I couldn’t understand where from all that money used to come for paying the huge bills of the University? The writers also try to incorporate the idea of “Do what you want to do in your Life” in the film on the lines of “3 Idiots”, but in the process fail completely. At certain points, it even gives you an impression of a film made in a hurry, which is surprising since it features the producer’s son (Vashu Bhagnani) too in the lead.  
The director Remo D’Souza directs too simply with only the climax giving you something to rave about. Particularly the dance sequence which is his forte stands out and impresses. But again we have already witnessed some similar excellent performances in the director’s TV show “Dance India Dance” too. In the acting department also, I didn’t find anyone doing something great in the film out of the routine. And I really felt sad seeing Arshad Warsi, Ritesh Deshmukh and Boman Irani being wasted in such a way.  
However, despite of all these drawbacks I would like to support one good idea put forward by its writers which surely deserves an applause. The thought is that if all the colleges give admissions only to the students securing above 70% then why the passing percentage is kept at 33%. In this scenario what all those majority students are supposed to do, who manage to secure only marks in between 33 and 70 percent. So to avoid all this rejection and confusion why don’t keep the passing percentage only at 70% which will further motivate the students to study more harder.
The idea is great, sounds logical and gets my full support too. But unfortunately I cannot recommend you to see the movie only due to this noble thought presented. So for this week, just plan to do something better than this FALTU.

Rating : No Rating as its all Unofficially Inspired.

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06 Apr 2011 / Comment ( 2 )

i thnk its a gr8 movie especially 4 2day\'s youth i regard it better dan 3 idiots n accordin 2 me it deserves 4 stars.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Prerna for your comment and I do respect your opinion.
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