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FANNEY KHAN - A feebly executed, confused film that doesn't serve any purpose at all. (Review by Bobby Sing)

03 Aug, 2018 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / F / Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

An official remake of a Belgian film EVERYBODY’S FAMOUS (2000), I personally couldn’t find any reason why its rights were taken and why this remake was made in the first place. Not having seen the original movie, now either it has to be an entirely different film altogether somehow impressing the producers to go for an Indian remake or they intended to make something else which couldn’t be there on screen ruining their noble intentions. In any case FANNEY KHAN neither follows any logic nor has any highly impactful premise that can even work in terms of emotions with the Indian audience.
It begins without making any kind of realistic connect and remains lifeless throughout with only a few emotionally engaging moments featuring the veterans Anil Kapoor and Divya Duta in particular. On the other hand, though both Rajkummar Rao and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan keep trying their best in their given scenes, their roles are more like two lengthy guest appearances roped in to commercially support the film. And that is certainly going to be disappointing news for many, especially for Aishwarya’s fans expecting a grand comeback. 
Pihu Sand as the aspirant singer is just okay and Girish Kulkarni as the manager plays his part well. However the rest of the supporting cast doesn’t make any kind of contribution including Satish Kaushik, Asif Basra and more. As a matter of fact, FANNEY KHAN remains completely relying on Anil Kapoor alone and he indeed does a fine job playing the ambitious father.
Based on a strangely illogical plot that doesn’t seem to be real or sane from any angle, FANNEY KHAN doesn’t come up with anything musically rich too despite revolving around a musical subject. Talking about a music album in the present times of singles and self-created youtube uploads sounds completely outdated and unfamiliar. The soundtrack fails to register including the climax song (apart from the recreated ones) along with the ‘fearfully changed track’ about Achhey Din. And the same can be said about its sequences dealing with the reality show judges that have been pathetically executed with silly, over the top, loud exaggerations.
Directed by debutant Atul Manjrekar FANNEY KHAN doesn’t work in terms of bringing forward the issue of body-shaming or revealing the behind the stage strategies of TV reality shows. It also doesn’t work as the story of a father desperately willing to shape up his daughter’s future, since the finesse and conviction of the father witnessed in DANGAL goes entirely missing.
Moreover I personally don’t endorse this trend of the parents fulfilling their dreams through their innocent kids (mentioned in the review of DANGAL too). The young ones should ideally be given freedom to have their own dreams and ambitions, providing the valuable guidance and complete timely support as required.
Anyway, coming back to FANNEY KHAN, the film neither entertains nor is able to give any socially relevant message as a pretty confused venture. In fact, a one line dialogue in the script sums it perfectly well saying, “Sab Kuchh Bahot Jaldi Nahin Ho Gaya”. Plus, in case you watch it, then just notice the choice of lady Police inspector in its very last scene giving it all.

Rating : 1 / 5 

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