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FIRST RANK RAJU (Kannada/2015) - A perfect script for a worthy successor of 3 IDIOTS. (Review By Bobby Sing)

01 Jan, 2017 | 10 Most popular Articles AT BTC / Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

3 IDIOTS (from Hindi Cinema) is widely considered as the most famous and note-worthy film made on the subject of ‘questionable educational system’ of our country and ages old parental mindsets. Interestingly here is another film from our regional Indian cinema which is thoroughly entertaining yet equally meaningful and enlightening to be considered as a worthy sequel of 3 IDIOTS (modified with the unique Hirani touch).

Focusing on the overall personality development of a student apart from his specified studies, FIRST RANK RAJU has got a fresh theme addressing the parents who think excelling in academic streams is the only way to achieve success or security in life. Without becoming preachy the film strongly conveys the message along with providing ample timely laughs and entertainment. And guess what, it has a Chatur like controversial college speech too bringing the house down.

In specific words, FIRST RANK RAJU is about those over studious, outstanding students who find it tough to face the practical situations of life but excel in their academic exams. It has a cleverly written script that advocates a balance that needs to be discovered between the higher studies and other essential requirements of life preparing for the unexpected. Yes, it isn’t a highly polished or near perfect attempt in terms of execution, but the film never tends to go overboard and intelligently delivers the significant message in the final 30 minutes as required.

To give you an idea, the story revolves around an over studious (geek) boy who is called First Rank Raju due to his excellent academic track record, but who surprisingly gets rejected in a reputed job interview despite having all the required qualifications better than all the others. The reason being, he doesn’t know anything else apart from his studies or course material and hence cannot be termed as a normal guy at all. Knowing about the rejection, Raju’s father meets the big businessman employer (played by Anant Nag) and throws him a challenge that in six months he will convert Raju into a cool dude, normal person as per his requirements and he will not be able to reject him for the job.

Now from here onwards the film moves into a hilariously reverse mode as the father now wants his scholar boy to be familiar with other normal things of life apart from his course material. In other words he now wishes his son to go wild, be naughty and explore the opposite side of his persona, full of fun and mischief.

Directed by Naresh Kumar, though FIRST RANK RAJU is a very fine entertaining film in itself with an impressive lead performance and supporting acts, but just imagine what this script would become in the hands of Raj Kumar Hirani if he re-writes it as the sequel of his much appreciated 3 IDIOTS.

Having said that, please don’t wait for the same to happen as it might not be possible in the near future for various unexplainable reasons, and do watch this meaningful entertainer as a must as your next regional watch taking some time out.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Written and Directed by Naresh Kumar.
Produced by V. K. Manjunath
Starring :  Gurunandan, Apoorva Gowda, Tanishka Kapoor, Chandru Shekar Gowda, Sadhu Kokila, Ananth Nag, Achyut Rao, Manadeep Rai, Giri Mahesh and Master Chinmai.
Music : Kiran Ravindranath

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