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FLASHBACK & MOMENTOUS TIMES - Two Precious Books Released by THE TIMES OF INDIA celebrating their 175 years of publication. (Short Review by Bobby Sing)


There is an exciting and inviting news for all book lovers here as The Times of India, one of the top newspapers of the nation, celebrates its 175th year of publication by releasing two precious collector’s delight books related with Indian History, Politics and Film Industry. The fabulous releases bring out memorable pages from TOI’s archives featuring many major events, articles, reviews, trendsetter happenings, controversies and rare, unseen photographs remembering the last two centuries, compiled in two well-designed Coffee Table books concisely reviewed below.

FLASHBACK - Review By Bobby Sing

Briefly commencing from the pre-film entertainment & early film shows from 1849-1910s, the book has news clippings and articles published on Dadasaheb Phalke, his ‘Raja Harishchandra’ followed by Bombay’s silent and early talkie studios in the subsequent pages.
Moving ahead, it takes you on to an immensely delightful journey of our Indian Film Industry from 1930s to the new millennium through many insightfully compiled and superbly designed quality pages full of quite unique information, news, reviews and many unseen pictures of all the reigning creative masters of 100 years of our Indian Cinema. 
Its each turning of the page transports you back into that memorable era and looking at all those invaluable documents one strongly feels like thanking its publishers for giving us this rare chance to witness these historical pages once again. Following the ten decades of growth of our Indian Film Industry, though it majorly focusing on Hindi films and its related issues in most of its pages but still it gives enough attention to the regional cinema too as required, making it a must buy for every Indian movie-freak for his personal home library without any doubt.
Researched & Conceived by : Sharmishtha Gooptu, Avijit Ghish and Srijana Mitra Das.
Momentous Times - Review By Bobby SingMOMENTOUS TIMES
Taking into account the last two centuries, this nostalgic book brings together 175 landmark events of pre and post independent India, from 1838 to the present times. And it is quite an amazing experience to re-visit those different times through the individual pages dedicated to every major event selected carefully. The book begins with the news on Indian Penal Code in 1838 and ends with the Nirbhaya’s Martyrdom in December 2012 devoting each page to a memorable event with some exceptional news clips and photographs. Particularly its truly like being in a time machine reading the news reports around the Indian Independence in the mid-40s, about the wars with our neighboring countries post the 60s, the politically tense 70s with the reference of emergency and even the release of SHOLAY and articles written on the epic given the deserving space.
In short if you are interested in Indian politics and its progress over the last two centuries then this is certainly a not to be missed chronicle by all means and it needs to be there in your private collection as a must.
Compiled by : Sandipan Deb

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30 Nov 2013 / Comment ( 2 )
P P Pandey
Good. Worth purchasing indeed.
Bobby Sing

Glad to know that PP Pandey and thanks for writing in.

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