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FORCE 2 - If only you interpret a spy movie as nothing else than continuous action, chases, guns, explosions and foreign locations. Strictly avoidable! (Review by Bobby Sing)

18 Nov, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

The supposedly ‘spy movie’ begins with a few murders in foreign locations and then comes to a usual fight sequence where the macho hero (John Abraham) is introduced standing unperturbed even when a tough-looking goon hits him hard and a big nail gets brutally pierced in his broad shoulder. A few seconds later he takes off his shirt, (sorry, tears of his shirt for the obvious reasons) and then lifts up a big car from the back (with 3-4 people seated) not allowing it to move before appearing in the RAW office in front of its top officials, probably recalling the genre and subject of the movie (thankfully) well in time.
Post this amateurish, unrelated beginning may be the makers had a different definition of ‘a spy movie’ in their creative minds to be honest. Because all we get to see in the next 2 hours of this ‘unrequired sequel’ is plain action, gun shots, manual/road chases, jumping over buildings and running in the foreign streets fooling the viewers and wasting the entire effort of its cast and crew sincerely performing and shooting the difficult risky sequences putting in their blood and sweat.
Following the same questionable definition, the makers also add a heroine foolishly accompanying the hero (fulfilling the mandatory requirement of a Hindi film) and Sonakshi Sinha readily agrees to do it as a thoroughly experienced and professional known for such meaningless roles. In between we also get to see a foreign dancer in a pub of Budapest awfully singing 'Kaatey Nahin Kat-tey Yeh Din Yeh Raat' from MR. INDIA without any Indian context at all (like an Indian DJ/Indian Girl/Indian musical night or else), who also dares to demand John Abraham for sex in return of an information passed. Besides in the climax we yet again get back to the same old attempted assassination of an Indian minister that always becomes the finale of most of such badly made films.
In short, if you are really interested in watching some fine Hindi spy movies then go for any of Dharmendra or Jeetendra starrers of the past (like ANKHEN, FARZ & more) instead of this sheer waste. On a different note you can also go for a couple of Mithun’s films as Gun master G-9 (SURAKSHA, WARDAAT) to enjoy it in a trashy style.
But please don’t indulge in sporting such crappy movies as FORCE 2 for any reason of your own. As only then the makers would get the signal of not funding and approving these meaningless, deliberate sequels (of no big hits) serving no purpose at all wasting our time and money.
To end with, God knows what John Abraham saw new in this storyline and theme different from his most recent DISHOOM?
Rating : 1 / 5 (and that too just for the efforts put in by the cast and crew in their actions scenes)

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18 Nov 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
Shakil Warsi

Your review on Force 2, as usual is without fear of displeasing the makers; honest and frank to understand relations between mediocre cinema and psycophant critics. 

Bobby Sing

Thanks for your constant support Shakil Ji.
Really appreciate that.

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