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FOX - Movie Review : The climax makes it a below average flick. (Review by Bobby Sing)

04 Sep, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Deepak Tijori has earlier been associated with movies inspired from the Western flicks like “Fareb”, “Oops” & “Khamosh”. With “Fox” he continues trying his luck in the thriller genre and once again fails to hit the nail rightly. Bollywood has delivered very few worth mentioning thrillers in the past and “Fox” is clearly not an exception to this fact.

In a crime thriller revolving around a famous criminal lawyer (Arjun Rampal) and a tough investigation police officer (Sunny Deol), the viewer expects to be taken for a tricky ride with new twists and turns coming every few minutes into the movie. But the latest offering from Deepak moves at a snail pace without any unexpected revelations to surprise the viewer. The movie starts off well, where a famous criminal lawyer who is known for saving murderers from the court goes through a heart transformation. However, where the first sequence of the movie looks fresh, interesting and inviting, the remaining part of it disappoints completely.
Without going into the suspense part of the plot, I would only like to state that the major point which goes against this movie, is its poorly written, absurd climax. As you are shown the real person responsible for the entire blame game, you just drop your head down. It’s simply unimaginable to believe the reasons why Arjun Rampal was chosen as a target by the main culprit. So whatever good, the movie had in store in its favor, gets simply ruined by the badly conceived climax and you just don’t want to think about it anymore walking out of the hall.
Going at par with the movie, apart from Arjun alone, everyone else is trying to deliver more than he/she is capable of. Udita Goswami does a repeat act, similar to her previous movies. May be she had some problems with the makers, since she is simply taken out of the script towards the climax. Sagarika Ghatge is just ok, but was this the role she was waiting for after “Chakk De”? Sunny Deol looks like doing a favor to the producers while playing his part. He again comes only a few minutes before the interval doing a routine act close to his “Khel”. Only Arjun Rampal looks well fitted in his role and has performed well (but he surely could have done without using that strange wig on his head).

Monty Sharma's music is only there to fill the space with few below average songs. Camerawork & Background score serves the purpose fine. Director, Deepak Tijori does show an improvement from his previous works but I hope this is not an inspired version of an English movie as his last movie “Khamosh”. He manages to present some well shot sequences in the first half but it’s the climax which makes the movie simply below average. To sum up, I wish the movie had a complete different culmination.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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