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FUFFAD Ji (Punjabi) - A family drama that finds it grip towards the end. (Review by Bobby Sing)

23 Dec, 2021 | Movie Reviews / 2021 Releases

Director Pankaj Batra delivered a hit family-comic drama Bambukat in 2016, which had the main track of a tussle between two sons-in-law of the house, written by Jass Grewal. Taking a clue from the same, he now comes up with Fuffad Ji, based on a similar premise of confrontation between the fuffad (father’s sister’s husband) and the son-in-law, written by Raju Verma. Hence, Fuffad Ji can also be called the unofficial sequel of Bambukat, featuring Binnu Dhillon in the lead, playing almost the same role.

The 110 minutes film begins with an intelligent sequence introducing its key characters, but then keeps going on with nothing significant happening in the next 20 minutes. The pace picks up the moment Gurnam Bhullar walks in, and his conflict with Binnu brings some excitement back into the narrative, along with the edited versions of a few likable songs. Post a routine progression, the film again comes back on track when Gurnam gets married to Palli (Jasmin Bajwa) becoming the son-in-law. Binnu’s fragile ego as the fuffad gets hurt and their face-off becomes intense, resulting in some funny sequences.

With nothing fresh in its visual presentation, the film doesn’t bore but doesn’t come up with anything new either, except the pleasantly surprising cameo of Jassie Gill and the emotionally moving moments towards the end. The concluding 20 minutes work as a touching family drama conveying an important anti-dowry, social message through the sons-in-law. It’s this particular section of the film that makes your eyes numb relating to the noble thought.
Despite being based upon a thin plotline, having many visible flaws, Fuffad Ji still leaves an impact because of the notable performances of both Binnu and Gurnam. They convincingly enact the characters with conflicting personas of an egoist and responsible family person together. Besides, a fine supporting cast decently contributes led by Hobby Dhaliwal. Another noteworthy feature of the film is its presentation of characters as all turbaned Sikhs, giving it an authentic feel.
On the whole, Fuffad Ji is an average, onetime-watch clean family entertainer that actually finds its grip towards the end. But in case you wish to watch a laugh-riot in the same genre, then try Jaspal Bhatti’s telefilm Jeeja Ji. The legendary filmmaker came up with the idea more than a decade back in 2005.
Rating : 2.5 / 5
(Streaming on Zee5)
Bobby Sing
NOTE : The article was first published in THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL Newspaper (Mumbai Edition) on 21st December 2021. 

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