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FUGLY - Dear Stars, please come forward & support films like FILMISTAAN & ANKHON DEKHI but not vague rehashes like this! (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Jun, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / F

Its really a sad state of our Hindi cinema that at one end films like FILMISTAAN have to wait for two long years to reach the audience in absence of any gutsy buyer or supporting back up. And on the other an amateurish product like FUGLY gets produced by a big star (Akshay) and also gets promoted through a special video song featuring both Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan. Now thinking about the two, either they both agreed to do this particular venture to oblige someone close or perhaps the big names don’t even have the time (or intentions) to check what kind of product they are promoting through such exceptional strategy at a decent cost.
Honestly, these were my thoughts while watching FUGLY just after its first hour and the film is a big disappointment both for the viewers as well as for the newcomers expecting a lot from the same. Taking huge inspirations from films like PAANCH, SHAITAAN, FUKREY and RANG DE BASANTI, its based on a script mixing them all and then coming up with a tasteless cocktail which neither offers any fun, thrills or entertainment in its two long hours full of many dumb scenes. The forced slang of the Delhi lingo remains bad throughout and the ridiculous story progression trying to incorporate everything ranging from friendship, eve-teasing, drugs, corrupt police, politics & channel reporters to patriotism, sacrifice and leadership simply falls flat, impressing none. Moreover the silly climax even makes you laugh looking at the desperation shown by the writers in a foolish hospital sequence.
Directed by Kabir Sadanand, FUGLY had everything required to make a decent film. But the team simply wasted this given opportunity despite having a justified budget and two big stars backing them from the front. The project does catch your attention with a fine cinematography but few mediocre songs, loud background score, weak performances and a pretty messy narrative in the second half completely ruin the sufficient resources provided.
To be fair with the fresh cast, though they still have a lot to learn but I would not like to blame them at all because its actually the writing, dialogues and stupid sequences in the film, which make them look more childish than they actually are. Out of the four, Mohit Marwah & Vijender Singh try too hard with their limited ability, Arif Lamba has got nothing to convey and only Kiara Advani gives you something to watch, but that too only because of her good looks and revealing outfits. So in the performance department you only have Jimmy Shergill saving the film with his convincing act of a corrupt Haryanvi Police officer and an old lady along with Vijender’s young politician uncle who thankfully provide the only amusing moments in this otherwise dull film called FUGLY.
Interestingly the strange and rather unusual title FUGLY (reportedly) means FIGHT with the UGLY or F@#$ the UGLY in the society around. However, the end product is not even close to any of the good intentions visible in this newly invented word and here is the description of its five highly absurd scenes, which would clearly give you an idea about the film and its avoidable content perfectly.
A. It opens with one of the boys setting himself to fire right in front of the India Gate and after getting burned badly is being taken to the hospital in a stretcher. Now just outside the hospital, as he is brought out of the ambulance, a whole group of reporters put their mike right in front of his face and start asking him questions like, “Why did you opt for this? What is the motive? How are you feeling now?”
And for me this was really a dumb start of a film, undoubtedly!
B. In one of its supposed to be funny scenes, Vijender Singh pulls down an American flag from one of the street poles and then wears it around his waist. On being asked that what he will do with it, he says, “I will make my boxers (nickers) from this.”
So if its your own country’s flag then it is disrespectful & a crime to treat it like this. But in case it belongs to another country then its fine to insult it in anyway and that too by a national sportsman having won international fame! Ironically they have used this particular scene in the film's promos too but I really didn’t expect this from Vijender frankly!
C. In one of its sequences talking about eve-teasing, the girl says, “Main Delhi Li Ladki Hoon! Dhakke Aur Ragarh Ka Fark Jaanti Hoon!” – And that was some great writing indeed!
D. A vague subplot in the film shows that anyone can arrange a hidden drug party in the outskirts of Delhi at a farmhouse and can earn 30-40 lakhs just like that in a single night as if it was that easy like organizing a wedding event by a professional planner in routine.
E. Lastly the most hilarious one comes in the climax, when a more than 60% burnt person lying on a hospital bed, suddenly jumps on to the Inspector and tries to strangle him with the oxygen pipes around, using his full strength like a normal youngster.
Now I have certainly heard about cinematic liberty but this was really like considering the viewers as a bunch of fools.
To sum up, if you still wish to watch FUGLY which actually remains UGLY, then watch it spending nothing when it gets aired on a TV channel soon and not before that.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Only for Jimmy Sheirgill and nothing else)

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