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FUKREY - It has a few weak points but who cares when the film keeps you entertained throughout, so go for it. (Review by Bobby Sing)

14 Jun, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases


To be honest, this is a wicked kind of film which has an almost non-sense storyline without anything great to reveal and many objectionable insertions in the script too, wrongly representing the younger brigade of the country in a debatable manner. But still it somehow manages to keep you entertained throughout with its shining performances, witty dialogues and hilarious sequences taken straight from the real life which collectively turn it into a winner in the end and you forget about anything else to put the objection for.
Talking about the negative points of the film first, FUKREY has a wafer thin plot as far as the script is concerned and that too, a highly unconvincing one where everyone is just chasing a weird dream of a chubby boy giving them a winning lottery number every morning. But more dangerously it features many unethical sequences right from the first scene itself which might be distasteful and avoidable for many viewers. For example (spoilers ahead), the film begins with the mention of homosexual relationships existing within the “Government Boys School” in its toilets, the young boys of class XIIth are shown playing Lotteries regularly on the borders of Delhi (where they are banned since last decade), the school boys try to get higher marks for a college admission through leaked question papers bought for a price and later they also get involved in drug paddling in order to get their lives saved from a Lady Don.
Further its weak plot has been stretched too long just to add more amusing scenes in the narration and that’s the reason why there is no sign of any kind of storyline, even after 50 minutes of the film are over. The extra-length feature drops the pace post intermission and then it also ends on a very uninspiring note, which actually should have been more compelling and entertaining. Plus the well conceived character of ‘Bholi Punjaban’ also needed to be more cunning, abusive and dreadful as per its interesting build-up.
Anyhow the good news is that the merits of the film score way above its weaker points and that is why you cannot condemn the film just for the sake of doing it. Therefore if one is willing to ignore all these preventable flaws and is only interested in having some good fun with the boys on the screen, then FUKREY is truly capable of giving you a lot more than expected and you are sure going to enjoy watching it in the theaters along with your school or college group without any doubt.
Mentioning the strong plus points of FUKREY, first of all I was frankly quite surprised to realize that this was from the same director, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, who earlier gave us a complete non-performer film called TEEN THAY BHAI. So if this is his second film then something surely had gone wrong in the making of his first venture as there was no sign of such grip or superb sense of comic timing at all in that absurd film. Secondly, from the last 5-6 years, Bollywood directors seem to be in complete love with DELHI, its popular lingo used in the small localities and Punjabish style of living, famous all over. Working on the similar lines, FUKREY also makes a noticeable use of the same ambience and thus has a good share of Punjabi abuses too in its funny dialogues.
FukreyIn short, the writing here is the biggest strength of the film with real life instances used exactly like we all see in the school & college campuses in Delhi. For example it’s a blunt truth that there is a cruel discrimination practiced among the regular and correspondence students in Delhi University from decades, wherein the correspondence ones are largely considered to be the outsiders in the colleges. Similarly, almost all the colleges have a strong character of a gatekeeper who doesn’t let others come into the premises and is supposed to have a good power on your right to enter through that gate as per his will. Besides, many well conceived sequences are also a sure shot winner in the film (especially for the residents of Delhi & NCR), which include the one featuring the legendary Narender Chanchal’s famous tracks being sung in a Jagaran and Manjot’s repeated scenes with a dirty beggar. But apart from this flawless realistic writing, FUKREY also shapes up well due to its perfect casting, instantly winning your hearts with their respective acts.
In totality, the film belongs to three boys Varun Sharma, Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh and Richa Chaddha alone, who carry the film on their shoulders right till the end and rarely give you some dull moments only in the second half. Where the viewers are simply going to love Varun posing as CHOOCHA, they are immensely going to enjoy watching Pulkit & Manjot together as the ring leaders. Particularly FUKREY should ideally become the much needed jumping board for Pulkit, after his last year’s average flick BITTOO BOSS, whereas Manjot is going to find it too hard coming out of his fixed image of doing similar roles, one after another since OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE (2008). However a related truth remains that despite doing all similar kind of acts, Manjot still very gently manages to make his own mark and doesn’t seem to be repetitive. On the other hand, Ali Faizal is the weakest link in the team but then he couldn’t do much, since his character was specifically written in that form only in the script.
Post intermission, the film gets a new life with Richa Chaddha entering as “Bholi Punjaban” which actually hides it major flaw of having no interesting storyline smartly. Richa works real hard to be terrific in her ‘out of the box’ character and she also succeeds in her attempt largely. But still her portrayal remains uneven in the various scenes and also I didn’t find any Punjabi dialogues spoken by a character given the name of “Bholi Punjaban”. Moreover I really wished she was more brutal and ruthless as per the demand of her role of a powerful Lady Don with many political connections. Playing the love interests, Priya Anand looks gorgeous in all her lovable scenes along with Pulkit and Vishakha impresses a lot as the Accounts teacher. Last but not the least, Pankaj Tripathi plays the gatekeeper’s role just brilliantly and holds them all together before intermission.
Musically, Ram Sampat composes some good tracks which have been used very intelligently in the film and you don’t mind watching them played in their shorter versions like “Ambarsariya” . Yet songs do add to the unnecessary length of the film which should have been avoided to keep it more focused and sharp. Background score maintains the uplifting tempo rightly and DOP captures the essence of Delhi lanes well.
In all, FUKREY is a young film with a sole motive of offering the viewers a good time in the theater along with their friends and its great to see such kind of ‘Star-less’ initiatives backed by reputed production houses like Excel. The film does have its weak points but they all take a back seat when it keeps providing the much needed entertainment factor right till the climax in a continuous mode. Yes with a healthier storyline it could have been much better but nevertheless is quite enjoyable in its present form too, so go for it and Enjoy!

Ratings : 3.5 / 5

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