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Four deliberate insertions in DRISHYAM (Hindi/2015) that were not in the original.

06 Aug, 2015 | Articles on Cinema

follows the original film frame to frame and with such a solid script-content it is bound to make a decent impact on the viewers who haven’t seen or know nothing about any of the four regional movies made before the Hindi version. Directed byHowever, here we are giving you those four deliberate commercial insertions in DRISHYAM (Hindi) that were not in the original and ideally should have been avoided quite easily.
1.‘Family-Thriller’, the writers still find the courage to throw in a mention of‘Sunny Leone’in a few dialogues, spoken with all lust in the eyes and body movements. (May be since they couldn’t include her in person or in an item number, so decided to remember her in some lines written purposefully)
2.films do not have the girl’s secretly shot mobile video presented with some skin show. But in the Hindi version the visuals clearly focus on a bare back of a minor school going girl, probably to make it more sensational unnecessarily.
3.the original nor its regional remakes had any filmy kind of entry given to the IG’s mature character interrogating two hardcore criminals like a typical ‘80s film. (May be the makers wished to pay a tribute to that particular decade of Hindi cinema infamous for more than one reason)
4.no mention of an adopted girl in the original and even in its remakes, but here we surprisingly have a much clichéd reference of an adopted elder girl included vaguely. (Probably because they didn't wish to show Ajay and Shriya that old as a married couple)
Hence, though many must have liked the Hindi remake for its exceptionally written content, if possible, do watch the original Malayalam classic as a must, as it’s time that the constant excellence achieved by our Indian regional cinema gets its due recognition by a wider audience all over the country.

The article was also published (in edited form) on IBNlive.com on 5th August 2015 with the heading:
“Four deliberate insertions in 'Drishyam' that were not present in the original” – By Bobby Sing

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