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From handwritten letters to Gif images : The way we have lost the human touch and warmth to these gadgets - By Bobby Sing

31 Dec, 2016 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

From Letters to Gifs

Before the 80s, we used to write truly personal letters with special wishes expressed in length full of loving warmth and feelings, reaching the recipient after days or weeks (keeping them waiting for the same).

Before the 90s, there were greeting cards, having nothing written in the inside but a designer message flashed on the front. We still used to write a few lines on the inner blank space as our personal message for the recipients expressed from the deepest core of our heart.

In the 90s, the greeting cards companies also thought of getting over with the blank insides, and they started printing a nice, poetic message in the inner pages. So, we stopped thinking about those few lines too and started writing just the name with our own hands before sending them to our friends or relatives.

In the new millennium, mobiles got introduced and message-exchange was here between the exclusive mobile owners. A few wrote them by themselves and others forwarded them ahead, finding it more easy and convenient.

Post 2005, even the messages were being created by the network companies themselves initiating the festive celebrations (in text format) and everyone started forwarding them adding one or two personal lines on their own as per the ongoing festival season.

Post 2010, social networking gained much momentum and with introduction of Android phones, picture messages started getting circulated or forwarded without any personal warmth.

And now since 2014, animated Gif images are here and we are just forwarding them with a movement of our thumb at Whats App, Messenger and more without even thinking for a second before collectively sending them to hundreds of friends at one go as some kind of painful ritual to be followed.

No doubt that makes us all well connected with each other like living in a ‘Global Mohalla’ instead of a ‘Global Village’. But what we have really lost in the process is that personal warmth, the lovable personal touch, the heartfelt personal expressions and the fragrance of the beloved found in those letters or hand written cards coming from the post reaching after a few days.

No doubt we are now living a much better standard of living with loads of gadgets making life much easier and comfortable than ever before. But in this process, we have certainly surrendered and converted ourselves into mere robots willfully avoiding and forgetting the art of writing a few heartfelt lines of love and affection for our close beloveds.

So next time a festival comes, may be through phones only, but do try to write a few lines of your own for your beloveds, instead of just copying and pasting someone else’s forwarded message in a split of a second.

With warm wishes for the coming new year to all,
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