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Frost Nixon (2008) (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical / Historical)

11 Dec, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Biographical

This is one of those out of the box and important films which make us aware of some shocking events of the past in an entertaining documentary style. Based on a media event post a major political upset in the history of United States in 1974, it’s a realistic account of a series of interviews given by the 37th President of United States, Richard Nixon, who resigned from his post after serving the office for 5 years. The much talked about resignation came into existence due to some serious investigations made in the Watergate Scandal involving the President Office.

Interestingly Richard Nixon remained silent for around 3 years after his resignation but then in 1977 he decided to give a long interview to clear the misconceptions and questions raised against his official term and Watergate Scandal. And for this he surprisingly said yes to a television talk show host David Frost who was also willing to get some bold confessions from Nixon himself and wished to use these interviews for rebuilding his own professional career which was on a downslide.
Nominated in 5 major categories at the Academy Awards of 2009, the film aptly titled FROST/NIXON is an absorbing account of those exciting series of interviews which needs to be seen not only for knowing all those actual secrets told by the man himself but also for enjoying two class performances from its lead actors namely Frank Langella as Nixon & Michael Sheen as Frost. In few words, its really a treat to watch the remarkable act of Langella since he truly gets into the skin of his valued character and makes a solid impact on the viewer through his speaking pauses and expressive close-ups. His amazing act undoubtedly deserved the ‘Best Performance by an Actor’ nomination in the Academy Awards and one can only know its worth after watching it. Michael Sheen on the other hand as Nixon’s sharp interviewer equally plays his role well with the right amount of wit and cunningness needed, resulting in a great dialogue between the two. So here in this brave attempt, one gets to see some interestingly engaging ‘question-answer’ session wherein both the sides are willing to defeat the other with their carefully chosen words and sarcasm.
To make it clear, its not just a film only appealing to the people who can relate to these characters and their origin personally. On the contrary it has a fine script which pulls you in just after its initial 15 minutes and then one finds himself eager to witness the Big Interview soon. Superbly supported by a brilliant cast and a gripping script, director Ron Howard very intelligently uses the archival real footage and other dramatic representations of the actual happenings in his film along with a great background score and realistic camerawork capturing the interview being shot quite cleverly.
So if you are really willing to know why a President of United States had to resign after 5 years of his term and what he really had to say in his only public interview after 3 years of the incident then you got to see this well directed film at the earliest which is also capable of entertaining you like a fast moving investigative thriller with the added drama. A not to be missed political shocker indeed.

Directed By Ron Howard
Starring : Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon and more.

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