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GHANCHAKKAR - Good performers alone cannot save a confused, slow & monotonous film. (Review by Bobby Sing)

28 Jun, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

If one considers the promising features of GHANCHAKKAR as a film, than they are so many that its really hard to believe that the project can go wrong in such a way. To name the key ones, it is the third film of director Rajkumar Gupta after two highly appreciated ones (AAMIR and NO ONE KILLED JESSICA). It has Vidya Balan, the trendsetter playing yet another unconventional role of a kinky & bold, Punjabi lady. It has Emraan Hashmi who regularly comes up with some not-so-routine experimental projects and has his own big fan following. It has two immensely talented actors Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das who can add a great value to the proceedings, unarguably. The exciting plot of the film deals with ‘a crime’ and ‘memory loss’ which gives enough space to the writers to add in some great comic punches and keep you entertained. The film has some interesting songs lead by “Lazy Lad” & its title song perfectly representing the grey characters in its script quite interestingly. And lastly it had some superb promos which were completely different from the usual stuff and showed some big sparks of a ‘Hit’ to almost everyone.
However the bad news is that almost all the above promising features fail to deliver and the film disappoints hugely hanging in between the genres of a crime thriller and a comedy quite amateurishly. It begins well establishing all its main characters confidently and then goes on and on without adding anything significant in the narration following a shocking route. The first half does have some enjoyable moments to offer as promised but post that it all becomes quite slow as well as monotonous and the film has nothing more to say till the unexciting climax where the suspense is revealed.
Actually GHANCHAKKAR falls flat due to the main reason that its not at all an engaging comedy as projected in its strong promos. Neither the characterization satisfies the viewer nor do the characters have something substantial to say other than what we have already seen in the trailers. Unfortunately the biggest disappointment comes from Vidya Balan only who keeps trying to justify a very confused and badly written character throughout, in an over the top manner. Emraan Hashmi too keeps struggling with his weak character uninterestingly and so do the other actors on the screen in their few scenes. In fact the only two focused actors are Rajesh Sharma & Namit Das in the entire film, who successfully give you the occasional entertaining moments here and there in gaps.
As a novel story-plot, GHANCHAKKAR surely had got something great with a huge potential, waiting to be exploited in the best possible way on the screen. But the writing team surprisingly ruins it all and goes below the expected level just after the initial 30 minutes of the film, leading it to nowhere. As a result the viewer is simply eager to know the secret in the end and then walk away hurriedly. The film neither shapes up as a comic entertainer, nor turns into an interesting investigative crime thriller as it progresses which actually remains its main drawback right from the beginning. Though Amit Trivedi tries real hard to raise the tempo with his innovative background score and few pulsating tracks but without a specific direction it all goes in vain and fails to make an impact.
To say it all, GHANCHAKKAR had all the required ingredients to make an excitingly delicious dish for the starving audience. But sometimes even that is not sufficient to make a worth trying recipe and the film is a fine example of the same quite clearly.
Plus it is also one of those projects which repeatedly questions the funny functioning of our Film Censor Board, probably having different set of rules for different film-makers. And that’s because in some films they readily agree to the abuses being spoken so clearly, but in the others the same objectionable words are taken out, muted or avoided with a beep sound. Moreover, I am really unable to understand that why this is not taken as an offence when a particular dialogue which has been muted in the original print of the film as per the Censor Board’s instructions, the same dialogue is repeatedly shown in all the TV Channels in the homes so openly. Now isn’t this making fun of our own official governing body or not?
Anyway on that debatable note, its advised to watch another engaging crime thriller on DVD instead of GHANCHAKKAR this weekend and save yourself from a big disappointment in the theater.
Ratings : 2 / 5

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28 Jun 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
i completely agree with u,it was only the trailers due to which i went to watch the movie.
Bobby Sing

Yeah Phalguni, Infact the 2 minutes trailers were far more entertaining than the whole two hour film.


good review..absolutely right..
i liked the second half as it seemed like a second half of a thriller..they were too confused between a comedy and a thriller..anyways avg movie..
Bobby Sing

Thanks Vighnesh for your appreciation and yes they were hugely confused in various genres resulting in a pretty average film unexpectedly.

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