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GHOST - Movie Review : Wastes your time with all repeated stuff. (Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Jan, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Starting straight with the conclusion, if you are a fan of Horror genre and the obvious title GHOST excites you enough to watch this film soon, then do give it a second thought and let it be a miss since the film has got nothing fresh to entertain you as per its name. Based on the same ages old story of an exploited girl taking her revenge returning as a ghost, it relies heavily on all repeated stuff making you recall those cheesy RAMSAY movies made a few decades before in Bollywood.

In short, GHOST has ‘uninteresting’ written all over it right from the start, where it showcases some strange kind of sequences explaining the good and evil with an amateurish graphical representation. It has the same routine kind of ambience throughout, with everything below average starting from the script, direction and acting. Besides it also has few un-required songs (with a fairly good one too), which are not only interrupting but also quite annoying with their childish choreography. In fact, these songs clearly announce that in Bollywood, it really doesn’t matter what genre you are dealing with, but one has to add few songs in his project as a mandatory clause of film-making.
The script revolves around a foreign origin girl being tortured and killed to death. But why she is killed like Jesus, crucified on a cross, remains a strange unanswered question, no-where explained in the whole film. Moreover, while watching GHOST you never really get scared as you have already witnessed many similar scenes in numerous movies made earlier with the same mindset. Though it has one grippingly executed sequence in the morgue but other than that the film remains completely dull till its end and never gives you any thrills as expected.
With a badly written script lacking any novelty, GHOST features all its actors performing like sleep-walking through their roles without any specific interest. The ghosts in the film look terribly awful with a bad make up and that remains another reason why they are not able to scare as required. So in all, GHOST brutally wastes your time and you can easily opt for something else instead of going for it in the theater.
But then you must be wondering that why these kinds of movies are made in the first place?
The answer to this question is hidden in its commercial angle which has the statistics saying that there are only two kinds of sure-shot projects which can get your money back with some marginal returns. One is a project having some SEX angle in it and another is a HORROR movie. As per the movie trade in India, these kinds of films have a certain market or a kind of repeat value specifically in the interiors i.e. smaller centers, in the Home Video market and also in the Satellite rights arena. So in the long run, say in the span of few years they do become a profitable venture for their producers even after being declared a FLOP at the box office. And that’s the reason we keep on getting such projects in the name of cinema at regular intervals.
Hence be ready to watch many more dreadful ventures in the routine till they keep on earning money for their makers in the long run.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for the crew and one fairly catchy song)

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14 Jan 2012 / Comment ( 2 )

Hi bobby,,

nice to read ur reviews
I like most of them.

I too watched Ghost just yesterday,, and while i was watching, i kept on thinking why am i watchingthis.. poor script, poor screenplay, very very poor direction,,

I don\'t understand after watching lot of goood horror movies how somebody would like such a terrible script...

I kept on wondering actually what the director want to convey us through that hell thing, that drag body thing, that half good half evil person coming irritatingly in the frame...

I mean its just came out of my mouth .. "what the ...."?
And I also want to add something for the upcoming movie.JODI BREAKER"
that i have seen such movie called "Heartbreaker (L\'Arnacoeur)" where some similar plot goes around the script...

so wat u say..

Thanking u
looking forward for ur reviews


Bobby Sing

Hi Jyoti,

A Big Thanks for liking my reviews here and reading them all.
Yes, GHOST was really a bad movie, but regarding "JODI BREAKER" and "HEARTBREAKER" mix-up I would surely chek it an get back after the film releases. Thanks for informing me though as I am always Game for such news.

Thanks once again for your kind words.
Keep Vising and writing in always.

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