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GOLMAAL 3 - Movie Review : Rohit repeats almost everything in his own trademark style but still manages to make you laugh. (Review By Bobby Sing)

07 Nov, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / G / Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

Make way for the First Ever Bollywood Trilogy and that too in the enjoyable genre of comedy brought to you by the lucky director Rohit Shetty. Lucky, because it’s really not an easy task to make three similar type of successful movies one after another every year. You really need to be both extremely talented as well as lucky to hit the Jackpot three times in a row in this unpredictable world of cinema. But Rohit does it again with his GOLMAAL 3 and he would now be remembered more as the First Bollywood director to deliver a HIT COMEDY TRILOGY in our Hindi Film Industry (looking at its initial box office response).

Having said that, I would also like to mention here a big positive yet strange point about Rohit’s third movie in the series. In clear words, GOLMAAL 3 has nothing new in terms of storyline, script & content. It has no surprises to offer as you are already familiar with every character and his famous mannerisms on screen and it also cannot be called as a cinematic masterpiece from any angle. The film is completely repetitive from its first frame to the last with all the similar seen before kind of movements on the screen.
For instance it starts off with the same Carnival kind of song wherein all the lead actors perform their individual stunts and make grand entries. There is a riff between two opposite groups of friends having one strong man amongst them. A comic gangster walks in with his own funny associates. There is a police inspector who is made fun off at regular intervals. A good fight sequence comes in between wherein the hero makes his action entry at the right times. A girl character is there to add the glamour quotient and she keeps interacting with all the boys in her own vivacious style. And then comes the climax, getting everyone together on the screen fighting hilariously with each other.
So there is nothing fresh or new as far as the treatment of the movie is concerned. Even the colours on the walls of the sets are also the same reminding you of its first two parts of the trilogy. But despite of all this repetitiveness, very surprisingly Rohit Shetty and his GOLMAAL 3 still successfully manages to make you laugh consistently and provides you enough entertainment to have a good time in the theater. And for that the director and his entire team of writers really deserve their praises (especially the dialogue writer).
Following his own trademark style, Rohit once again adapts an old Hindi movie plot which originally was itself inspired from a foreign flick. This time Rohit takes his inspiration from “Khatta Meetha” (1978) and “Hamare Tumhare” (1979) based on the story of two old people getting married having their own young kids who are not ready to adjust with each other in their newly found relationships. Interestingly these two films were also based on two English films released a decade before and they were “Yours, Mine, Ours” (1968) and “With Six You Get Eggroll” (1968). Mithun Da and Ratna Pathak Shah play the two elderly lovers here and Ajay, Shreyas, Arshad, Tushar and Kunal are their grown up kids. Kareena is the neighborhood girl who actually is responsible for the pleasant re-union of the couple.
In short, it is based on a story which you already know and may recall very clearly while watching the film. And that may not encourage you to go for it in the first place. But if you really want to have some fun without thinking logically for a few hours then I would readily like to recommend watching GOLMAAL 3 for four specific reasons alone :
1.  If you are a true fan of Mithun Da, then it’s a must watch for you as it showcases an entirely different persona of the veteran where he is really enjoying himself playing it loud and comic. So it’s seriously a not to be missed venture for all Mithun Da fans for sure.
2. The movie has Johny Lever returning to his great lost form after “All The Best”. And he is simply superb in the role of a Gangster who suffers memory loss occurring every few minutes in his scenes.
3. The most famous product of GOLMAAL series remains the silent character of Tushar Kapoor having his own hilarious language of actions and gibberish words. And the actor gives the most sincere performance in this third part of the series which really deserves a watch.
4. And lastly there is one particular sequence in the film, wherein all the boys are teasing each other, with only their suggestive actions, without using any kind of verbal exchange between them. The scene which is brilliantly directed by Rohit and superbly enacted by all, stays there for a good 4-5 minutes and can be called as one of the major highlights of the film.
With every character getting his own justified screen presence, the script-writer and the director handles the big star-cast quite intelligently. Lead by Mithun Da and Tushar Kapoor from the front, GOLMAAL 3 has everyone in its team performing at their best. Ajay looks cool & tough in his rugged look. Kareena fits in her role as a ‘T’ and plays it real well with all those supposed to be “Abusive Remarks”. Arshad, Shreyas and Kunal provide their confident support having a good time together. And the supporting cast equally contributes to the laughter with Vrajesh Hirjee, Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari, Ashwini Kalsekar and Prem Chopra playing their roles perfectly.
On the downside, GOLMAAL 3 has a weak soundtrack as compared to its previous films and its Cinematography is almost the same as seen in its first two parts. The look and feel of the movie is nothing different from its earlier versions, which also makes it monotonous at times. Actually the film relies majorly on the comic timing of its talented star ensemble and on its hilarious one liner dialogues written skillfully.
Therefore if you are a game for having a good time, within a seen before kind of settings then GOLMAAL 3 may work for you. Otherwise it is nothing path-breaking or exceptional which can set a new benchmark in cinema. Watch it only for Mithun Da, Tushar and Johny Lever and you will not have anything much to complain. 

Review : 3 / 5

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