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GOLMAAL RETURNS : Modernised version of \"Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar\". (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

05 Nov, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Rohit Shetty, chooses to remake an old bollywood comedy in the form of his “Golmaal Returns”. The story is heavily based on an under-rated, 1973 released, Bollywood comedy called “Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar” featuring Kiran Kumar, Radha Saluja, I. S. Johar & Asrani. In fact Asrani also got a Filmfare Award for his performance as “Champak Bhumiya”.

The plot revolves around a suspicious wife (Kareena) and her husband (Ajay Devgan). To explain, why he was out of the house a whole night, Ajay makes up a story and then it goes on & on creating new difficulties for him. Actually Ajay was stuck while saving Celina Jaitely from some bad elements and had to spend a night in a friend’s place with her. However in the original movie, the real happening was more innovative, where the hero gets stuck on a giant wheel (in an amusement park) whole night with a young girl, due to power failure.
So the idea of first main scene, borrowed, was not adapted well. Feeling a low, I still had expectations from the movie as it was progressing, but coudn’t find much to laugh and enjoy since the plot was not new for me. Rohit, the director, could not create the same old magic, which was there in his first part. The film goes on & on with no strong storyline up and makes un-impactful attempts to make you laugh.
The two people who give some scenes to enjoy are Tushar & Shreyas. Tushar still shows the magic in his funny language and Shreyas displays his great talent for comedies again. Ajay Devgan was ok in his part with no support from Arshad Warsi. In simple words, Arshad is wasted in an underwritten role and has got nothing to show. Kareena plays the role of a suspicious wife in a good way, but the role was not meant for her and it looks like she was added to the cast only for more commercial values. Celina Jailtely, Amrita Arora & Anjana Sukhani, all are simply there to fill up the screen space with nothing really written for them in the script.
Instead of an original “Champak Bhumiya” (in Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar), this time we have ”Anthony Gonsalves” as the imaginary character who turns out to be existing live. The name and the act done by the comedian is a great let down if compared to the original source. Whereas in the first part “Golmaal”, there are rarely scenes that make you bore, here in this sequel you find it tough to find the scenes you can enjoy with a great laughter. So it is not a well made sequel, quality wise. Though it has a more glossier star-cast this time. As usual, songs are just thrown away in unwanted places just to give you break for your snacks. And moreover no particular song registers itself in your mind. 
The climax is the most annoying part and is quite similar to like you have earlier seen in many “Priyadarshan” comedies. Where the entire star cast comes together on the screen and tries to generate laughter indulging themselves in some funny sequences. But here it fails to create a similar impact. So in all, the movie fails to keep the promise its name suggested, “Golmaal Returns”.
However, like the current trend, if the film-makers are only interested to get a good initial in the first 3-4 days and don’t care about what happens to the film later on, then “Golmaal Returns” may give them back their money. But quality cinema is no where in the frame here.
Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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