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GOOD LUCK JERRY (2022) and KOLAMAAVU KOKILA (Tamil/2018) – Hindi cinema needs to move over forced Punjabification of its films, resulting in weak remakes of their immensely likable originals. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

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The popular opinion is that a remake needs to be seen and discussed as a stand-alone film, avoiding the obvious comparison with its source of inspiration. I certainly endorse the viewpoint, respecting the team recreating the content by changing its basic settings and characters as per the requirement of its language and region. However, I cannot continue supporting the same, in case a remake turns out to be quite a weak recreation of an immensely likable original writing, presentation, and performances.
The statement loses its meaning because a weak remake not only consumes your precious two-three hours but also completely ruins your virgin experience of watching something much more entertaining and appreciable created by the original team. As a result, even if you opt for the original hit film post the weak remake, it will never be the same and the magic of watching something unique and much superior would remain missing, getting lost forever.
That’s exactly the case with Good Luck Jerry, an official remake of the Tamil Hit film Kolamaavu Kokila (2022) starring Nayanthara in the lead. With performances ranging from decent (Janhvi Kapoor) to over the top (supporting cast), Good Luck Jerry sadly never rises above a one-time watch quirky comedy, mainly because of its forced backdrop (including the songs), fake dialect, and loud characterisations.
The film yet again has been presented as a Punjabi-Hindi comedy set in Punjab, with the background music intentionally trying to generate a comic feel from its first scene itself becoming the most irritating element. Interestingly, the Punjabi comedies begin exactly following the same pattern, with a typical background score, that happens to be their most ignored and casually considered post-production work to date.
Besides, Good Luck Jerry falters as it fails to establish any kind of emotional connection with the viewers, despite the premise being of a mother suffering from a terminal illness requiring immediate treatment, too expensive and unmanageable for the family. The writing and the direction never seem to be interested in going into that emotional zone and the film constantly keeps focusing on comedy and fun that simply turns out to be modestly entertaining at times. Also, the narration and presentation isn't rooted and it all appears to be superficial right from the word go. 
On the other end, the deeply rooted Kolamaavu Kokila never forgets or loses that emotional track and entirely begins like a relatable social drama till the thrilling sequences begin after around 30 minutes. Plus, it always remains interested in presenting its content as a dark, quirky thriller with a well-crafted comic undertone (as a black comedy) along with a superbly composed background score, aptly adding to the feel bringing you onto the edge of your seats.
Another major drawback of Good Luck Jerry is that it never recreates the key sequences of the original in any similar impactful manner. So, the very sequences that notably lift Kolamaavu Kokila are either presented in an entirely different lackluster format (a few are skipped) or directed too casually missing the winning magic. For instance, the interval sequence of the remake and the one where the family decides to go the bloody way do not generate any similar cinematic impact. Besides, it’s the climax which turns out to be a complete mess in the Hindi remake, remaining far away from how it brilliantly ends in the original, concerningly balancing the emotional and unusual comic tone.
Overall, it’s easy to go for the new release Good Luck Jerry following the online flow or trend. But for BTC friends, I strongly recommend watching the original Kolamaavu Kokila (Tamil) with English Subtitles instead of the feeble remake. Interestingly, the Tamil film has also been dubbed in Hindi as Bindaas Rani, but as usual, a YouTube dubbed version is never recommended because it scales down the impact by almost 40-50%. A dubbed version should only be the choice, if it has been made & released by the makers themselves, carefully looking into the details of the translations, renditions, and the background score mix. 
Moreover, Kolamaavu Kokila would also give you the reason why Nayanthara is tagged the Superstar of Tamil Cinema and what kind of adorable, powerhouse performances she continues to deliver winning over the fans and audience. Here she comes up with one of her career best performances without even giving a faint smile throghout the film living her assigned character. 
The ratings below would bring the final clarity and the difference in the basic tone of the film can also be noticed in the posters shared along the write-up. But then the choice is all yours - if you are willing to let go of the virgin experience of watching something highly recommended as a differently entertaining film.

GOOD LUCK JERRY (Hindi Remake) - 2.5 / 5  (Direct Release on OTT at Disney-Hotsar)

KOLAMAAVU KOKILA (Original Tamil Film) - 4 / 5 

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Excellent review. Thanks for sharing.

Bobby Sing

Truly my pleasure Poornima
Thanks a lot for reading and writing in.

Shirish Waghmode

Thank you  for separating the chaff from the grain! Will definitely watch-The Original  !

Bobby Sing

My pleasure Shirish.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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