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GRAVITY (2013) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure / Space Expedition)

13 Oct, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure / Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

Certain cinematic gems are both technically and conceptually made so well (read perfectly) that they don’t really allow any viewer or reviewer to say anything else than just praises for the commendable effort made, using many heavy words. Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY is certainly one of those hugely impressive & laudable ventures of the recent times, which actually makes your jaws drop, eyes wide open and bodies tightly glued to the seats in those 90 minutes, a rare feat which very few films are able to achieve so convincingly.
More than a decade before when I first saw Ron Howard’s APOLLO 13 (1995) and then Stanley Kubrick’s epic masterpiece 2001 : A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968), it simply made me awestruck witnessing the unbelievable kind of execution by its immensely talented makers. Besides I truly regretted the fact that I couldn’t see such great films on the big wide screen with an outstanding sound system playing its enjoyable musical silence, providing that out of the world experience to the viewers. Moreover the films also gave me the thoughts, that what if the astronauts have to repair their space shuttles by themselves by moving out manually in the unknown black vacuum and what if they need to ask help from any other country’s space shuttle standing at a distance, in a state of crisis and then have to reach it somehow covering the blind gap.
Thankfully GRAVITY is here with all the possible answers to my thoughts and the regret of not seeing any such space adventure in the theaters is now taken care of in an outstanding manner. In simple words, if you ever wished to feel the space and its deep silence like the trained professional astronauts, then here is your chance to live those otherwise unachievable moments in the theater, at the cost of only 300 bucks and that too without wearing the heavy space suits and oxygen helmets. The film takes you into that black soundless region like never before and then makes you feel the excitement, tension, loneliness, pain and discomfort of being in the space all alone with just the mechanical gadgets and machines.
Capable of transforming you into a different world (space) altogether, GRAVITY is unarguably one of the best space adventure movies made till date, which actually makes you wonder that was that beautiful, absorbing ambience all digitally created or they really shot those sequences by going into the genuine scary space in a shuttle? Further opening with a ground breaking long shot introducing the theme right away, GRAVITY not only keeps you absorbed with its breathtaking execution but also keeps you guessing through an engaging, original script written around a rare space disaster.
Though for many viewers it might have less dosages of entertainment as expected but as a matter of fact, GRAVITY rises much above than any recent spectacular gem such as AVATAR or LIFE OF PI, because it is not really talking about anything fictional or deliberately created by the makers in order to provide a mesmerizing, magical treat to their viewers. It actually talks about the real existing space and the sudden, unexpected catastrophe which possibly can happen with the people up there in the space shuttles, anytime, any moment. Secondly the film gives you an entirely different and much superior experience as a 3D film (comparatively) since the technology is used quite wonderfully here, matching its subtle yet electrifying subject matter, moving ahead than any other 3D film to be precise. Talking about this personally, I have never seen a 3D movie by not taking off the glasses several times in those two hours to get some relief. But here in GRAVITY, I never thought of taking them off even once, other than the intermission and was constantly watching it with the glasses on for the first time ever.
Thoughtfully & skillfully directed by Alfonso Cuaron, GRAVITY is a film which gets perfect contribution from every single creative person involved in its making, superbly led by the Sound, Cinematography and CGI departments in particular. Though its silent moments speak for themselves in those tense sequences, but the timely inclusion of many enjoyable dialogues and the well composed musical notes enhance the overall impact of the venture to many folds. Brilliantly performed by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the actors successfully make a solid impact on the viewers, even when you don’t see their faces properly in a substantial part of the film till the end. Particularly this is Sandra’s another absolutely stunning performance of her career and she reportedly spent six months of physical training, preparing for this role to play it in an authentic manner.
Interestingly apart from GRAVITY’s technical, artistic and creative attainment, the film has a proud Indian link too wherein you get to hear one of the astronaut singing “Mera Joota Hai Japani” in a carefree mood in one of its opening sequence. And then we have a duly acknowledged contribution in its soundtrack made by Delhi’s own famous music producer, Gaurav Dayal.
Last but not the least, I would like to write about GRAVITY’s less discussed, rare spiritual or meditative feature, which truly gives you an enlightening taste of that supreme invisible power, hidden within this huge, complex but smoothly working universe and its unexplained phenomenon. The film takes you into those never ending, silent, infinite black spaces of the universe, which simply make you realize that how tiny, ineffective and momentary is our very existence on this planet Earth. The Earth, which itself is a very miniscule part of such an enormous universe and its numerous elements.
In fact, this humble thought is very well defined in the last scene of the film itself, when Sandra somehow manages to reach back planet Earth safely, landing into the sea after a miraculous escape. And the moment she again touches the solid surface of mother Earth……..there are only two words on her lips with eyes looking into the sky….. and those two words are….THANK YOU.
GRAVITY ends on this very note giving us a fabulous thought to take back home, indicating that the human race is only capable of saying just these two words in gratitude towards the beautiful existence. And there is simply no other way we can repay back for such precious gifts showered upon ourselves by that Supreme Power since ages.
So if the above note on this cinematic conquest interests you then do take an off and live this space experience as a must in the theaters, especially in 3D, because otherwise it will be an insult to the art and its creators to see it on the small screen in your bedrooms along with the dinner served. In other words, exceptionally crafted gems like these come after decades and you are sure going to regret not watching it in the theaters later, if you miss the opportunity now.
Directed By Alfonso Cuaron
Written by Alfonso Cuaron and Jonas Cuaron
Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki.

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