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GUDDIYAN PATOLE (Punjabi) - Do watch this beautiful emotional surprise exploring the relationship between two sisters & their maternal grandmother as its fresh lovable theme. (Review by Bobby Sing)

24 Mar, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

Punjabi Cinema has been lately criticized for making forced repetitive comedies revolving around wedding functions and related themes, resulting in quick flops despite the presence of known names and banners. But on the other hand, when you have some clever writers, then they surely can dig out a novel theme out of the same context involving a marriage too that never feels repetitive or outdated.
In fact, as a pleasant surprise here in GUDDIYAN PATOLE we have a theme which has never been explored before in Punjabi Cinema (and most probably in Hindi Cinema too) presenting the relationship between two young sisters (brought up abroad) and their maternal grandmother (Naani in India) making a strong emotional connect along with the viewers. So without being preachy or heavy GUDDIYAN PATOLE is a great family entertainer, which has a few other worth mentioning merits too apart from being made on a never before plot.
Delivering its second appreciable surprise, the film never tries to bring in the men as some kind of driving force and willfully remains a women-oriented film throughout. Thankfully the romance element too doesn’t intrude into the narration following the usual practice. Hence here we do have a male star but so naturally underplayed by the debutant Gurnaam Bhullar who is right there in almost every scene but still lets the ladies take the charge so sportingly.
Focusing on the family values and the rooted life in villages, at times you do feel that the writers are trying to put in too much content or sub-plots instead of staying at a few, but then the lead performances don’t let you think so for long, smartly getting you involved in their immensely likable acts.
One of the most respected veteran Nirmal Rishi just kills it once again exactly as she did in NIKKA ZAILDAAR playing the grandmother and both Tania and Sonam Bajwa are simply adorable as the two sisters brought up in Canada. Knowingly playing the second lead Tania looks beautiful as the soft spoken, charming, girl next door in need of support from her elder sister, but the film truly belongs to Sonam Bajwa, coming in an altogether different avatar.
Playing a tomboy kind of rebellious, tough and hard to impress girl, Sonam looks simply stunning in her curly hair and superbly toned body wearing all sporty outfits suiting her really well. Usually a tomboyish portrayal remains too close of becoming ‘over the top’ and ‘unnatural’. But Sonam and her director never let that happen in the film and the girl quickly makes you believe in her character after just a couple of scenes and you readily accept that. In short, if you are not a fan of the gorgeous Sonam Bajwa yet, then this will make you one for sure, searching for her official social network ids as soon as you finish watching the film.
Having said that, where the cinematography is fine, the background score deserved to be much better, missing the matching freshness. Similarly, though the songs sound fine while watching the film, but their repeated occurrence do make you restless and the storytelling does take its own time getting to the actual point.
In short, as a fresh take on a lesser or rather never explored before family relationship between women of completely contrasting age groups, GUDDIYAN PATOLE directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and written by Jagdeep Sidhu is certainly a must watch emotionally charged film that deserves to be seen taking the family along. 
Besides, this surely lift up the spirits in Punjabi Cinema loudly announcing that they are still capable of making films on completely fresh and unexplored subjects moving ahead of just marriages, comedy and religion based projects breaking the set patterns.
So go for it at the earliest and have a good time with Sonam, Tania, Gurnaam and Nirmal Rishi, along with a fine supporting cast giving their best.
Rating - 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (Including additional 0.5 for exploring a new angle of relationship and taking the risk of making a women-oriented film instead of relying on a male star.) 

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