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Ghar (1978) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)
27 Oct, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Ghar - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Very few movies are based on stories capable of shaking the viewer with a shock treatment and making him think. Very rarely comes a realistic story on the screen which sends shivers down your spine and makes you feel sorry for the characters facing the unexpected tragedy. “Ghar” is one of those rare well directed movies from Bollywood, having an unfortunate story to tell which happens to be both realistic and disturbing at the same time.

Revolving around the life of a newlywed couple, the story depicts the tragic trauma faced by both the husband and wife when they become victim of some bad elements of the area while returning from a late night film show. The harsh and unkind tragedy with the couple, completely changes their outlook towards their own existence and they have to fight real hard to overcome the unfortunate even of that dark night. Interestingly, “Ghar” has a unique story plot which was quiet bold and a first in Hindi Cinema at the time of its release in the late seventies. And that was the reason it also won the Filmfare Award for the Best Story in 1978.
The novel plot of the movie got its much required support from the talented diva, Rekha, who plays the traumatised wife of the helpless husband enacted by Vinod Mehra. Unarguably included in one of her top five performances, the movie has Rekha in a completely different avtaar (role), as never seen before or after “Ghar”. She brilliantly portrays the fear, pain and grief felt by her character in the script in the most believable way which touches the viewer deep inside. Vinod Mehra also compliments the lifetime performance of his co-star in an impressive manner which in turn makes this movie a worth watching emotional experience, not to be missed.
Director Manik Chatterjee emerges as a master film-maker in this touching portrayal of human emotions. He captures the inner fight of his characters on the screen in a splendid way. But sadly he could give us only two movies in his lifetime as a director. Though his second movie cannot be termed as a classic comparitively, but it still has her favourite actress, Rekha featuring in & as the “Bhaurani” released in1989. Along with his master music director “R. D. Burman” & legendary lyricist “Gulzar”, Manik also showed a tremendous sense of music & lyrics in his “Ghar”. With musical gems such as “Aaj Kal Paon Mere”, “Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na”, “Phir Wohi Shaam Hai” & “Aap Ki Ankhon Mein Kuchh”, the movie will be always remembered as one of the best sensitive and socially relevant films made in Bollywood. So, if you havent seen it yet, then just go for its DVD at once.
Directed By Manik Chatterjee
Starring : Rekha, Vinod Mehra, Dinesh Thakur, Prema Narayan & more.
Music by R. D. Burman

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27 Oct 2009 / Comments ( 4 )

This DVD has been sitting in my collection for MONTHS, i have to set time aside to watch it ASAP.

Bobby Sing

Ya, do see it asap and let me know how do you rate it from your side.


It's great film. And the song -- Aaj kal paon zamin par nahin padte mere.. classic!

Bobby Sing

Ya, it surely is..
Thanks for your comment and Keep Visiting.


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