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Goal (Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal) (2007) & Dodgeball (2004)

29 Nov, 2007 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / G

“Goal” moves around a usual sports theme where a grand win towards the climax is completely predictable. But the movie also has very close similarities with an English flick  based on a similar theme called “Dodgeball” (2004).

Listing the common points in both the movies, we have, a team of wanna be champions, a club/stadium to be saved from being sold, a certain sum to be paid in order to save it, that amount is planned to be collected by winning a championship and then the tough target is achieved with the help of a not in form coach. Everything is there in “Dodgeball” as well as in “Goal”.
Further it also has some acute similarities with "We Are Marshal" (2006) which also revolves around a very similar plot.

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