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Grave of The Fireflies / Hotaru Na Haka (Animation - Japan) (1988) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Drama)

17 Jul, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

Animated movies or this particular genre is not the one I love watching as an ardent fan, since I find it quite hard to emotionally connect to their imaginary characters usually designed to win over the kids. However after watching this outstanding animation film, my above thought process got shattered badly because the film not only made an instant emotional connect within its first 30 minutes but it also left me stunned with a crying heart & moist eyes, due to an extremely sad and tragic climax which is really tough to explain in just a few words.
A Japanese animated drama film released in 1988, GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES is written & directed by Isao Takahatta and animated by the famous Studio Ghibli. It is actually based on a novel with the same title by Akiyuki Nosaka, written in the year 1967 around the subject of World War II in Japan. The film talks about a story of a young boy who needs to look after his younger sister post the death of their mother and faces a real tough time after moving out of the house of their close relatives all of a sudden. The best part of this animation is that here the kids are not behaving like some over intelligent children as normally seen in films made in this particular genre with a happy ending. On the contrary, this is a highly realistic film in its execution where you can truly feel the sad emotional state of the two kids as if they are some real life people telling their tragic story on the screen with an interesting narrative. In fact after its initial 30 minutes, one simply forgets that this is animation film at all and becomes one with the two innocent characters emoting beautifully in it various sequences, whole heartedly.
It thoughtfully portrays the horrifying impact of War too on the innocent victims, but not in a heavy, over emphasized manner as seen in a usual war project. The film actually tells you the truth about war as seen through the eyes of two victim kids and in the process never tries to entertain you deliberately. It has an immensely moving story to tell and keeps focusing on the same throughout along with the relevant references of an avoidable war as required. Stressing upon the loving relationship between a brother and sister, the animated feature takes you on to a very warm, emotional & sentimental journey which unfortunately ends on a very tragic note unexpectedly.
In short, GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES is one of those finest animated films made till date, which can break even a stone hearted person in just a few minutes with its truly touching and astonishing concluding moments. It reaches your mind and soul like very few movies can and then leaves you with a heavy heart and teary eyes thinking about those gloomy days spend by the two kids together. In other words, it’s a remarkable, poetic expression on the screen, which successfully makes you feel the pain even when there are no real life characters emoting in front of you like a normal movie. So despite of the fact that you know its just an animated film with some imaginary characters telling a story, you start worrying about them a lot and then feel like crying for the two kids like never before, quite honestly.
But reading the above sad description, don’t take it as an extremely depressing movie at all as it may seem. GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES is a very sweet, honest and realistic classic, depicting life in its most genuine form as it is. It makes you feel both the beauty and cruelty of life together in its slow yet effective story progression and then ends on a very upsetting note which should move every single person having a blessed soul in his body unarguably.
So taking a clue from these lines, just set off the lights, switch off your phones and get ready to see an emotionally moving, well made masterpiece, which you probably would not like to go for a repeated viewing ever.

Directed by Isao Takahata /  Written by Akiyuki Nosaka

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