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HASEENA PARKAR - Another repetitive, unnecessary film made on a subject nobody is interested in. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing)

23 Sep, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

After the most recent DADDY (made on the life of Mumbai’s Arun Gawli), here is yet another real life inspired film talking about gangsters, gang-wars and the underworld rule in the 90s with a new twist of being based on a gangster’s sister instead of the Don posing as its key novelty. Unfortunately neither this novel feature is able to lift up the film (post its interesting beginning) nor the actors are able to add anything significant remaining completely miscast in their given roles (looking strange and odd).
A highly repetitive and poorly visualized film, this is one of those strange projects that raise a valid doubt that why it was made glorifying an already forgotten figure (not known to anyone outside Mumbai) and for what a young actress like Shraddha agreed to do it, at this stage of her career ruining her own image. Anyway this should give a clear indication to the makers that nobody is interested anymore to see another film on gangsters, underworld and their (once famous) terror in the present new-age era, unless it surprises with something extremely unusual breaking all previous set norms.

Rating : 1 / 5

(The article also got featured in UC-News mobile app in September 2017)

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