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HATE STORY 3 - Skip this mess as you have already seen what you might be looking for in the song videos. (Review By Bobby Sing)

04 Dec, 2015 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H / Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

To begin with, we all know what sells here in our films apart from the Big Stars and that’s exactly what’s being offered in this third product of the franchise strictly known for its erotic content presented along with a ‘must have’ storyline. To explain it further, HATE STORY 3 is actually ‘two films’ woven into one, with the first one offering you the much expected erotica & bedroom scenes all incorporated in its deliberately added songs inserted at regular intervals. And the second is a typical Abbaas-Mustaan type of suspense thriller (with a surprise entry towards the end) which doesn’t work at all due to a sloppy editing, an immature direction and many absurd twists & turns throwing the characterization out of the window as if it’s never supposed to be there in a film like this.
As a result you have business tycoons behaving like college boys, legal blames being put on colleagues just like that, killings going on as if they have already bought the police & law, a lab sequence as well as graphics reminding you of those scientists & blasts shown in the black & white movies of 50s-60s and the ladies being there only to prove themselves bolder than the other with more intense skin show, deep kisses and suggestive body movements providing the expected content.
But here a worth mentioning catch is that if you are only interested in the film for some more erotic sequences than the already seen, then its going to be a big disappointment for sure, as HATE STORY 3 doesn’t have anything more to offer apart from what has already been revealed in its various song videos before the official release. However if you still wish to watch those bodies moving freely on the bigger screen in the theater, then that’s a different personal choice beyond any discussion.
Beginning with an unexpected emotional scene, HS3 straight away comes to the point in the first 10 minutes itself showcasing the most famous song and then starts delivering the same old routine stuff quite carelessly keeping the logic aside. Post intermission the proceedings further enter their ‘the worst zone’ when a song abruptly begins saying ‘Yeh Kaise Ho Gaya' and you feel like as if the lyricist has somehow read your mind thinking in exactly the same language. Stating its few merits, though an energetic background score, fine cinematography and some melodious songs don’t let you feel like watching something really bad. But the way it starts heading towards the culmination in a quite childish way, repeatedly makes you think about the filthy one sided mindset behind its poor making.
Besides, its most famous song, “Tumhe Apna Banane” honestly forced me to think that how can it be officially labeled as a reworked version of the original song from film SADAK (1991), when even the cult track of SADAK was also blatantly copied from a Pakistani song “Chale To Kat Hi Jayega Safar” sung by Mussarrat Nazir that was never disclosed either by the composers or the music company at the time of its release.
Anyway moving on to performances, the stunners here remain the two girls Zarine Khan and Daisy Irani, obviously not for any of their acting skills but for their ‘nothing to hide’ attitude while enacting on the bed to be specific. And its Zarine Khan who simply catches you unaware performing with such a bold confidence with both her young male co-stars in all the sexy sequences, whereas Daisy still needs to work hard on her scenes apart from the ‘taking off your clothes’ act that always works on the screen, irrespective of who is doing it.
In the male leads, Sharman Joshi should immediately forget this film to get back on the right track and Karan Singh Grover should not expect much either from this ‘women oriented subject’ in terms of box office response. In the supporting cast, Priyanshu Chatterjee does deliver a pleasant surprise once again playing a similar role and rest are just okay in their given roles.
Coming back to its basic script structure, HATE STORY 3 (directed by Vishal Pandya), clearly takes its references from various sources (typically penned by story-screenplay writer Vikram Bhatt) including the basic plot reminding you of INDECENT PROPOSAL (1993), the faulty cold drinks and blame game insertion taken from our own CORPORATE (2006) and the terrace scene where the two heroes meet, faintly making you recall a similar one in THE DEVIL’s ADVOCATE (1997). In short it’s once again the same mix of an inspired revenge saga served along the essential erotica with two fresh female faces in the lead, who actually remain the only major attraction of the project for all the obvious reasons.
In fact this is a quite good business strategy of making money through such a sure shot ‘movie franchise’ hitting the bulls eye, wherein you quickly get a crime thriller screenplay written inspired by a couple of hit films, cast one or two beautiful fresh female faces in every new part of the series having the right curves, ask them to take off their clothes in some tastefully shot songs & bed room scenes, get some good melodious songs to run in the backdrop serving the right erotic mood and then walk your way to the banks after only a few days of its release making some quick money.
If truth be told then this was widely done by many B-C grade producers in the forgettable decade of 80s as well as 90s churning out some cheap, awful movies to be shown in the morning shows and the smaller centers earning some decent returns. But now the same act is being practiced again in a much upgraded corporate style by all the reputed names, that actually reveals the ugly side of the business popularly termed as Show-Biz.
Rating : 1 / 5 (And that too just for a couple of good songs and the technical merits)

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