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HAWA HAWA - Hassan Jahangir's original album that became an instant hit in India in 1989. (Articled on Music, Poetry and Life by Bobby Sing)

26 Jul, 2017 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

The original album of Pakistani pop singer Hassan Jahangir got released in Pakistan in the late 80s with the title ‘Hawa Hawa Khushboo Luta De'. In those days the hit Pakistani music albums used to reach India mostly under the banner of T-Series (with a slightly different logo) and they included numbers of Attaullah Khan, Maratab Ali, Sajjad Ali and many more. Having no information about the original artists or their origin, many considered them to be Indians or rumors could be heard about the real life stories of these artists residing in Pakistan. Interestingly Attaullah Khan got the most bizarre rumors or stories out of them all.
Hassan Jahangir’s album released in India had the title as 'Hawa Hawa' and it came in 1989 under the same T-Series logo. The title song became an instant hit within the first week of its release and you could easily hear it being played by the music cassettes and radio-tape recorder shops in the market almost all the time. In that era these shops used to have big speakers playing music throughout the day in order to attract the walk-in customers.
The song was a big hit even in South and was amongst the most played tracks in private parties, public functions and by brass band groups in marriage processions too (popularly known as baraat-bands). The cassette cover of the album released in India had 'Beat Music' written at the top and 'Disco Leader' written above the name of Hassan Jahangir with the year 89 written below in three different colours. It had the picture of Jahangir in a shining golden (half sleeves) outfit holding the mike. And the credits were given as Music by Mehboob Ashraf and Chorus by Nahid and Salma Sisters.
Apart from the most popular title track, the album had many other melodious songs appreciated by all as Zindagi Hai Pyar, Dil Jo Tujh Pe Aaya Hai, Le Bhi Le Dil Tu Mera, Shawa Ke Nakhra Gori Da, Aa Jao Mehndi Lagao and more. Such was the craze of ‘Hawa Hawa’ in the particular year that Hassan Jahangir got also featured in the most famous TV interview program at Doordarshan conducted by the ever-smiling Tabassum. Luckily a short clip of that program can now be seen in her official Youtube channel aptly called Tabassum Talkies.
Following the people’s choice, the song was as it is used in a video film DON-2 in the same year and then later was also seen in a film titled INSAAF APNE LAHOO SE (1994) mocking at the copyright regulations. Different versions of the track were there in BILLOO BAADSHAH (1989-sung by Govinda), AAG KA GOLA (1990) and after a gap of two decades in CHAALIS CHAURASI released in 2012.
In the present, blindly following the current trend of re-making the old cult hits, it is now again there in the latest release MUBARAKAN as “Boyfriend Bana Le” based on the exactly similar composition and once again released by the same T-Series banner.
Interestingly post the internet revolution in the last couple of decades, it further got revealed that the basic composition of ‘Hawa Hawa’ was not even of Hassan Jahangir, as he also unofficially borrowed it from the original song of an Iranian singer Kourosh Yaghmaei titled ‘Havar Havar’. No doubt internet reveals a lot, that at times becomes disappointingly hurting too.
(The article also got featured in UC-News mobile app in July 2017)
Shared below are views – In addition to the original article.
The late 80s used to be the years, when we didn’t even have the money to buy complete albums and therefore were more into getting all the famous songs recorded in one blank cassette. But Hassan Jahangir’s album had a different story with almost every song being melodious having a great repeat value.
So going with the routine, I first got its title song recorded in a compilation cassette, then another, then the third and then finally realised that the whole album needs to be bought as it had much more than just a couple of good songs in it. Later such was the repeat value of the entire album that I had to buy another copy after a few months, when the first one didn’t sound good post repeated playing and occasional entangling in the tape recorder. Recalling those musical days, we all friends had our own favourites among the 13 songs of the album as listed below.
Side A
1. Hawa Hawa  2. Dil Hai Diwana  3. Dil Jo Tujh Pe Aaya Hai  4. Zindagi Hai Pyar
5. Maigha Jaise Roye  6. Le Bhi Le Dil Tu Mera
Side B
1. Shawa, Ke Nakhra Gori Da  2. Na Jao Zara Mehandi Lagao  3. Aaya Hai Mausam Pyar Ka
4. Yeh Fashion Ke Naye Rang  5. Jee Jee O Parah Disco  6. Kis Naam Se Pukarun  7. Booba Booba Ba Ra Ra
Following its cult status, the title song of the album has been repeatedly used and adapted in Hindi Cinema in the last three decades. Shared below is the complete list of its use and adaptations in various films.
1. Hawa Hawa (Used as it is) in a video film DON-2 (1989-90)
2. Hawa Hawa (Used as it is) in INSAAF APNE LAHOO SE (1994)
3. Jawan Jawan in BILLOO BAADSHAH (1989) sung by Govinda. 
4. Haan Bhai Haan in TOOFAN (1989) with a slightly reworked tune.
5. Aaya Aaya in AAG KA GOLA (1990) 
6. Hawa Hawa in CHAALIS CHAURASI (2012) after a gap to two decades in 2012.
7. Boyfriend Bana Ley in MUBARAKAN (2017)
However, the fact remains that even after all these adaptations and the original song also found and heard, the most melodious and enjoyable track still remains Hassan Jahangir’s 'Hawa Hawa' even after more than three decades of its release, evidently proving the immortal quality of great music that remains the same forever.
Bobby Sing (Harpreet)
July 2017 - bobbytalkscinema.com

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