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HELLO : A Hit book doesn't guarantee a Hit movie. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

14 Oct, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Based on a bestseller “One Night at a Call Center” by Chetan Bhagat, the movie is a good   example which teaches that we need to do a lot of changes and additions on the scripting stage if we want to make a movie on a novel. In “Hello”, the director has made some additions, but the add on’s are there only to sell the movie and grab attention of the audiences. By only taking Salman Khan for few scenes and shooting a catchy number with shirtless Salman, does not mean that you can ignore the other important aspects of movie making. Sadly “Hello” becomes the culprit of the same thought.

Last week, I noticed and mention it for “Kidnap” and this week we have the same drastic mistake repeated in “Hello”. I cannot simply understand that “How can a movie start straight away with a four-five minute song?” As the viewer excitedly sits to watch the movie, he is simply served a song at the start. This is a definite indication that you are going to watch a mediocre product. And as the time passes, you know that the outcome is not what you were expecting.
An interesting and novel idea gets spoiled with a very poor script and execution. It was hugely promoted as a movie in which a phone call is made by “The God” himself to some call center employees. And the greatest flaw of the movie is that the phone call comes after almost half the movie is over. You keep on waiting for that but the director, Atul Agnihotri is more engrossed in giving scenes to all his characters and in describing the tragedies they are facing. Suddenly the phone call sequence comes and also finishes off in minutes. You don’t feel excited while the call is being attended by the characters on the screen. The scene is not capable of generating any extraordinary thrill in the viewer. And as the “Call from the God” sequence ends, you also end having any interest in the movie. Morevoer, you also don’t find any great results in the movie, even after the God has called.
Performance by the entire cast is simply professional like they are just doing another film. So nothing special is there to write about any specific actor.  Only Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif seem to be more interested in contributing to the movie than all others. They both are there enacting “a special appearance” in order to provide a star element to the movie. A catchy title song with Salman, is good to watch, but it should have been there in the end titles instead. The special and heartily efforts of Salman & Katrina are not able to save the movie which is unexpectedly a poor product based on a best-selling novel.
It’s nice to see that we are again picking up good books and novels for the stories in our movies. This practice was done way back in the Black and White era and in later years too by some great film-makers India has seen. But in the current and fast changing times a lot has to be re-shaped and re-written to transform a successful book into a Hit movie. Unfortunately, “Hello”, fails in doing that.
Rating : 1 / 5

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