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HIMMATWALA - It will raise a big question on the intellect of 21st century's Indian viewers & their choice of entertainment if this becomes another notable Hit of 2013. (Review By Bobby Sing)

29 Mar, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H

Beginning with an honest confession, after going through this highly over-confident, loud-mouthed and strictly avoidable experience called HIMMATWALA, it was really tough to find any kind of energy to write upon the film in details. But still I have tried to do so, just to warn or save my readers here from wasting their precious time, money and efforts in watching the film in theaters, especially in the multiplexes buying those expensive tickets & snacks.
Remembering the day, when I first heard Sajid Khan announcing an official remake of Jeetendra, Sridevi starrer HIMMATWALA released in1983, I was really shocked since it was not a great film in terms of content despite of being a big hit in those tough years. Now the phrase ‘those tough years’ has been used here, since the decade of 80s is apparently considered to be the most forgettable, amateurish and indecisive decade of Bollywood in the history of its 100 years of film-making as far as the commercial films are concerned. So making a remake of a film selected from that era was quite strange and weird to accept all of a sudden. Yet considering the successful track record of Sajid Khan, I thought that probably he might have cracked some worth trying comic idea within the same storyline and maybe would come up with something interesting rediscovering the 80s in his own version.
But surprisingly it was really unacceptable to find that Sajid does nothing of that sort in his overhyped film to please the new age viewers and just sticks to the same old melodramatic script full of all clichéd plots not appealing to the present net generation at all. Now here an important question arises, that if one really is willing to see a film chosen from that forgotten era of the 80s, then he can easily opt for the original only, which at least would provide him the feeling of that ‘Pleasant Nostalgia’ watching the jumping jack, Jeetendra and the owner of thundering thighs, Sridevi along with the incomparable witty Kader Khan performing at their best. And if he can easily get to see the film on the net just for free or on a DVD for only a few rupees then why on earth he would like to see the same outdated acts being performed by the present big stars at a cost of a high priced ticket?
In other words, if Sajid simply assumed that the viewers in 2013 will really be amused to see Ajay Devgan deliberately doing all those over the top fights and emotional sequences without any contemporary touches or favourable changes introduced, then he was gravely mistaken in doing so, because the films utterly fails to make any kind of entertaining or emotional connect of that sort with the viewers in its pretty long length of 150 minutes. And the same can also be said for its entire cast too wherein Ajay Devgan looks like a clown performing in that peculiar style of the 80s hero, Tamanna just manages to look beautiful awfully speaking “I hate Gareebs” in a childish tone and one truly feels pity seeing an extremely gifted actor Paresh Rawal performing such a silly act wearing a horrible wig. To add further Sajid’s own self praised film falls completely flat in its soundtrack department too with the remixed tracks missing the required bubbly spirit and the fresh songs simply falling into the category of below average. However the cinematography does try to give you something to watch and so does the background music desperately trying to pump up the blood at regular intervals.
Further replying to the bragging statements given by the director weeks before the release of his film I would like to say that for me neither Ajay’s entry had anything exceptional to cheer for nor I could appreciate the stupid spoof played on Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic PSYCHO. So, if Sajid is firm on his statement of paying back the ticket amount to those who didn’t feel like clapping on Ajay’s entry in the film, then probably he would have to spend a lot paying many like-minded friends disagreeing to his assurances given like myself. In addition I also have another question for the director that if he was really making a film for that common man of the interiors who comes into the theater just for his escapist entertainment, then why were the few subtitles shown in the film written in English and not Hindi?
Anyway, coming to the only silver lining in this black cloud, I would like to mention its two action sequences with the TIGER which easily transported me back to those years when we eagerly used to wait for a tiger fight in a film particularly the ones featuring the Garam Dharam. May be the kids would enjoy this more than the mature audiences which might become the only saving grace of the film to sustain in the home video market. Nevertheless, the truth remains that while watching the tiger in this bad remake, I just had the famous slogan in mind in a different form which said, “Save This Tiger” instead of “Save The Tiger” ironically.
Summing up, one really needs guts to see this HIMMATWALA made with some questionable expectations by the makers, religiously following its outdated original of the past lacking the much needed appeal for the current generation. But here allow me to end this review on a different note addressing the viewers instead, who themselves are responsible for such kind of ridiculous products served to them in the name of cinema. 

To reveal the truth, no producer in the world would have agreed to the idea of remaking the 80s typical hit ever, if Sajid had not got a illustrious record of 3 back to back hits to his credit supporting him with a solid reason.

And who gave him that reason or made that shining record possible?

It was we the viewers only who quite irresponsibly converted all the three & many more mediocre and worthless films into big box office winners in the last decade. And no doubt when such second-rate films keep turning into huge blockbusters on a repeated mode, the directors are bound to become over confident of their exploitive vision, resulting in many more nonsensical  products like HIMMATWALA, proudly touted as another 100 crore project even before its release.
In clear words, if this film goes on to become another major hit of 2013 in the coming days, then it will be a big shameful slap on our own faces as the viewers and if it gets rejected as it should, then it will be an alarming lesson for the makers who always tend to take the viewers as granted. So the decision is all ours.
Rating : 1 / 5 (And that too just for the TIGER who can be shown to the kids as the only entertaining part of a shameful circus.)

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29 Mar 2013 / Comments ( 4 )

"the owner of thundering thighs, Sridevi". It\'s sad to see such words creeping up in your blog too! :(

Bobby Sing

Dear Krishna,
The words used here are not for showing any disprespect towards any particular artist. But when I am writing about that NOSTALGIC ERA then I have to use the phrases which were used at that time to give the readers a feel of that forgettable decade of 80s.

So the phrase was used on purpose to depict the kind of films and film journalism witnessed in those years by myself.
And I hope now you would understand why it was there in my write-up without any intention of hurting any artist or fellow readers.


I normally don\'t like film critics but I must say it is a good review.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Vishal for your kind appreciation and I am glad that my review was able to change your personal perception about the critics in general.
Do visit here again for more and I am sure you would love reading the other articles here too posted in different sections.

So Keep Visiting and Writing In,

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