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HOUSEFULL 2 - Its over lengthy & cheeky but still a better enjoyable attempt from Sajid this time. (Review By Bobby Sing)

06 Apr, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

It is obvious that you are not supposed to watch Sajid Khan kind of cinema with your thinking caps on. So this has to be the first requisite to watch HOUSEFULL 2 which as expected is a loud, bizarre and over the top comedy movie full of many silly & wacky sequences. But the other truth is that isn’t bad at all if compared to its so called part one. Frankly HF1 was pretty lousy film which failed to raise much laughter or interest even with a huge star-cast. But HF2 is a much better attempt from the director Sajid Khan having more humorous segments distributed evenly, well supported by some good performances from its lead actors.

However, Sajid’s basic formula of making it remains the same, wherein more than a dozen characters are put together creating funny confusions with each other about their actual identities. The structure of the film is quite similar to that of HF1 but this time the director and his writers have worked harder on their script and hilarious dialogues. The presentation and characterization makes the film more likable with a much better climax as compared to the pathetic end of its part one. Hence if HF1 was able to make money for the producers regardless of its weak content then HF2 would surely make much more money for its makers undoubtedly.
The story revolves around 4 fathers, their 4 daughters, four sons-in-laws and their other family members or friends leading to a lot of messy confusion happening within one big mansion. The first half gives you enough enjoyable moments to keep you engrossed and the viewers looking for such kind of entertainment are sure going to like it. As a director’s trademark the film has some silly comedy scenes with a crocodile and python. But luckily the crocodile works many times better than the monkey used in Houseful-1.
Post intermission it takes a negative turn as it features less comedy and more avoidable drama involving characters other than the lead. Several jokes and one liners don’t work and fail to create the fun as seen in the first half. Actually it’s the over length of the movie and few un-required songs which bring in many uninteresting moments in its script and lessen the overall impact on the viewer. The second half has got many such unwanted sequences which should have been edited out completely as they contribute nothing in its basic storyline. For instance, Vindoo’s track with a long fight sequence and the plan of creating tension between Boman and Mithun falls flat without generating any kind of laughter.
Truly speaking, this time the jokes work majorly due to the witty dialogues of the script written amusingly. The entertaining confusion over the real “Jolly” works well along with the hugely catchy “Ranjeet Expression” given by Akshay Kumar throughout the film. Though the climax is a little over stretched but still it gives you enough moments to laugh and doesn’t make you restless. I suppose Sajid learned a good lesson from the mistake made in the climax of HF-1.
The songs as usual are deliberately inserted including the hit item number “Anarkali Disco Chali”. In fact, the film would have been fine with only one track “Pappa To Band Bajaaye” coming repeatedly in its various segments. But since we have to sell a soundtrack of the film too so the viewers are made to see many other songs adding to its long length.
Performance wise it is an Akshay Kumar film all together as the actor gets it perfectly right after a long gap. Particularly his “Ranjeet Expression” is sure going to become a craze among his fans and all Bollywood lovers living worldwide. So it’s really party time for all Akshay fans. John & Akshay teaming up again after “Garam Masala” and “Desi Boyz”, put up a much polished show this time. John’s comic timing has improved significantly but he still needs to work more to match it with Akshay. Ritesh once again gives an immensely lovable performance not going over the top even while giving all those silly facial expressions. He is really great as the real Jolly. Among the boys, Shreyas gets the minimum mileage in his role and so does his lady love Shazahn. Yet the boy strongly proves that he has really mastered the act of comedy in his limited scenes.
The brand “Housefull” is now known for using its leading ladies as mere showpieces in some revealing outfits. So the girls are there to serve the said purpose only as the glamour dolls in the project. But Houseful 2 also proves that if a heroine says no for Bikinis then you cannot make them wear it forcefully. Unlike HF1 in this second part, only Shazahn endorses the famous bikini act whereas Asin, Zarine & even Jacquelin stay away. Malaika Khan sizzles on the screen as “Anarkali” in the song but the same cannot be said for her interactive scenes.
In the supporting cast, it was great watching two Kapoor brothers, Rishi & Randhir working together and I even loved Akshay calling Randhir Kapoor as “Ponga Pandit” which was the name of his hit movie released in the mid seventies. Both Mithun & Boman enter only in the second half of the movie with some marginally good scenes. But their flashback story hinders the pace and could have been easily taken out. Johny Lever and Chunky Pandey are simply superb with Chunky taking the maximum marks once again.
Now revealing the best part of the movie, it is the one scene cameo of the one and only “Official Rapist of Bollywood” – Ranjeet, shining brightly in his same old famous nostalgic cunning style. And this particular scene featuring both Ranjeet & Akshay Kumar posing as Father & Son is the must watch highlight of the movie which I frankly enjoyed more than the entire film.
So if you liked Houseful 1 then you already must be making plans for going for its fresh sequel. But in case you didn’t like the first part then the good news is that despite of being over lengthy & cheeky, HOUSEFULL 2 is still a better enjoyable attempt from the two Sajids (The producer and the director).
Ratings : 3 / 5 (including 0.5 only for Ranjeet Expression and The Veteran's sparkling cameo)

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06 Apr 2012 / Comments ( 16 )
Yaa Bobby..Agree with U..Good Review..just saw the movie today..!!
hilarious..Full on Entertainment..!!!
Akshay Kumar back in form..!!!! Loved the movie..!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks Vighnesh, for agreeing with my review and Glad that you liked it too.


I usually avoid Sajid Khan\'s movies after that Housefull-1 climax scene ..... but after reading your review i might watch this one bobby ..... am looking forward to Akshay\'s Ranjeet\'s Expression.....:)

Bobby Sing

Ya sure Jagadish, Just watch it for "Ranjeet Expression" and Ranjeet's one scene alone and I am sure you will not get disappointed.


Dear Bobby,
Saw the movie yesterday totally convinced seeing your 3 star. Read the review today, Yes,I agree with you.
Though it may not be very good, its entertaining. Actually both Houseful 1 and Houseful 2 are made after seeing Kamal starrer Singeetham Srinivasa Rao\'s flicks "Kaadhala Kaadhala"(1998) and "Michael Madana Kamarajan"(1990) HF1 has many simililarities of Kaadhala kaadhala and in HF2 the similarity lies only the adaptation of three persons acting as a millionaire and the funny sequences.

The climax of HF2 especially when the shooting and threatening part and all forming the line ,they resemble" Michael Madana Kamarajan".

Besides the couple abandoned in a beath and accidentally find out the resort and the song is influenced by the film "Love Wrecked" .
Ya,definitely i enjoy Akshay\'s acting and Rishi kapoor is very good.

Anyhow a very good review of a fantastic film critic! :)

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Bavani for revealing all the hidden and hard to find inspirational sources for this Housefull 2. 
In fact I was really keen on finding Sajid's sources this time as I couldnt accept that he had gone original.
And here we are.......!

Would soon try to watch all the listed movies and then post it the site with due credits.

Thanks once again for this valuable contribution and Keep In Touch,



housefull 2 is inspired from Hungama(2005) is a Telugu comedy film directed by S. V. Krishna Reddy

link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungama_(2005_film)

Bobby Sing

Thanks Madhurageethan for your info.
Incidentally I just found out this from another source a few hours back only.
Still thanks a lot and keep sharing such info in the future too.


Amit Joshi

Yesterday I watched this movie............and I must say only Ranjit expression, Akshay\'s introducing scene in Van, Ranjeet\'s Cameo, Chunkey Pandey & Cinematography was enjoyable.........length was too much specially for night show.

After watching these kind of movie I always says to myself "Does our experienced director who have spent years in bollywood have only this much of sense ? I compare these movies with \'FAST FOOD\' which can satisfy your hunger in minutes with superb tongue taste but doesn\'t gives your body any Nutrition.

Bobby I think you and me should start writing a script together :) I am not joking......we should meet sometime.

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,
Yes, your are right that these movies are like 'FAST FOOD' which can satisfy your hunger in minutes with superb tongue taste but doesn't gives your body any Nutrition.

But here I once again want to say that these 'FAST FOOD' chains are there because the product sells and almost 90% here, even in the creative fields are only working for making money and not for satisfying their creative urges. So till the FAST FOOD is in demand and keeps on selling, you will be served the same things with more pump & show.

Regarding the Script thing, I would not be able to be a part of that at this time but you can surely share with me any creation of yours for views. I do get to read Scripts sent by few good friends in the trade and share my honest views about them with the suggested changes.
So do send me if you have written something.


saurabh kumar
i saw today....really enjoyed a lot.....super fun, brain less comedy with lot of brain.......:)))
Bobby Sing

Glad to know Saurabh that you liked and once again it seems that the  "Review Business" has really become a very dicey one in today's times.


I always follow your reviews, they r excellent but sometimes in a hurry u write good things about a bad movie..and later when u realise that it is lifted or copied then u write the actual review..but for people like sajid khan u giving 3 stars...do you have any idea wht u doin...these people are fake liars with zero talent...instead of giving stars i wud rather giv them slap on their faces in public.

Bobby Sing

Hi Kuldeep,
Thanks a lot for appreciating my reviews but there are few misconceptions which I would like to clear here as indicated in your comment.

First of all I dont write for anybody or for any particular purpose so I am not in a Hurry. I dont write my reviews and articles in a hurry with any kind of dead lines.

Secondly it is to be understood that there are two kind of articles or sections on the site regarding the New Releases of Bollywood.

1. The REVIEWS section in which the Review is posted on the first or may be second day of the release. 

2. And second is the INSPIRED MOVIES section in which the same movie write-up is put at a later stage as I come to know about their original sources through my own research or by information given by the friendly readers.
(Now If I already know the inspirational source in advance then that is clearly mentioned in the review itself. But If I come to know about it afterwards then the same gets posted in a different article under the INSPIRED MOVIES section)

So you are taking it all in a wrong way as if I am writing good things about a movie first in a hurry and then later on putting its lifted status article to cover up. SORRY but thats a wrong impression taken on your side which is probably there because you may not have visited this particualr section of the site talking about all the Inspired films (which are now more than 600 in total.)

Hence the second article written about the same movie serves a different purpose and is not a second rectified review as you are taking it.
For instance - A particular film might be good like KAHAANI getting 3.5 stars but it again gets a new article on its inspired status because it is infact inspired with some clearly visible similarities. And the same goes for HOUSEFULL 2 too.

Thirdly and most importantly, If you have been a regular visitor here and at Facebook then you might be knowing that for me there is no Sajid Khan movie or Bhansali or Chopra movie as I watch it. For me the movie alltogether comes first and who has made it cannot influence my write-up on the same in any way. 

And you are again very wrong about the Directors putting them all in a fixed category. In this context I would like to remind you that Its not always that a good director keeps on making good movies and a bad director keeps on making bad movies. People learn from their mistakes and people make mistakes after their achieved fame under pressure.
This can be explained better through my quote written at FB a few days back which goes:

"If the director of "Ek Hasina Thi" & "Johny Gaddar" can make "Agent Vinod" and the director of "Alladin" can make "Kahaani" then it is clearly evident that Creative Expressions solely depend upon the mercy and will of THE ALMIGHTY and we are mere puppets or the medium playing through his hands" 

I hope I was able to explain the point here!


Dear Bobby,

After reading your reviews i waited for this movie to see. But sadly this movie had no script of comedy, only actions like jim carrey to smile only in one or two scenes. Rest whole film was very boring. It is rather a boring movie attempt from the sajid. House full 1 was much better. I saw this movie till the end only for akshay kumar kay ab koi woh comedy dialog boley, but sadly, a waste of time in the end.

Issay lesson learn ye karna chaheye kay agar koi "comedy" movie hit jaati hai to uska part 2 kabhi bhi na banaaey, because mostly comedy movies kay part 2 , flop ho jatey hain, wohi same characters and dialogs use karkey. I really was expecting some comedy from Sajid.

Some scenes you have mentioned like ranjeet, well big actors ko use zaroor kia hai magar script bahuat weak thi, everyone tried to pick this movie up, har scene main khuch naya karney ki koshish thi, story ko ghumaaney ki, but in the end dialogs were missing. I hope i made my point here.

Bobby Sing

Hi Sharjeel,
I respect your viewpoint but cannot agree with HF1 being better than HF2.
Infact HF1 had one of the most pathetic climax ever filmed with such a big starcast.

Plus if you go through the comments here at the site below this post then you will find that many friends enjoyed it who are either film-makers themselves or great film watchers understanding the medium......and its really not easy to please them with a weak film.
Still we all have our own choices and preferences so your point is taken.

But except the point that HF1 was better.


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