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HOUSEFULL - Movie Review : Not so funny with a terrible climax. (Review By Bobby Sing)
30 Apr, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

Sajid Khan sounded very confident in his interviews before the release of “Housefull”. He even went on to predict the success of his second project which eventually raised the expectations level of the viewers to a great extent. And with the IPL season coming to an end, the movie was projected to be the first biggie to finish off the lean period. But unfortunately the final product presented before the audience does not fulfill all the promises made by its makers completely. It’s a mixed bag of comic moments blended with some emotional stuff which entertains only in bits and parts and ends up in a terrible manner.

Honestly it’s seems very cool and easy to be a fan of Manmohan Desai & Parkash Mehra kind of cinema, but to come out with a product close to them in 2010 is quite difficult. The times have changed and the mindsets are different. Still the only part of their cinema which can work today is “The Comedy”. And Sajid Khan is exactly following the same path making movies based on the comedy practiced by the above mentioned two maestros in his own style.
Sadly his “Housefull” fails to come out as a thorough entertainer and lacks the required pace which is a must for a hilarious laugh riot. It starts off very calmly and goes on with its storyline about a loser, in a very lethargic style. Surprisingly, I found the energy levels very low in the movie, particularly in the first half, which is not normally the characteristic of a Sajid Khan project. Sajid has always been fast, witty and highly energetic in all his previous ventures, be it a movie or a serial. But in “Housefull”, his famous style of humor is visible only in parts and that too more in its second half.
The film can be divided into two different sections as far as its story plot is concerned. The first half deals with the story of Akshay getting married to Jiah Khan, facing an immediate shock after the first night and then meeting Deepika Padukone as her next love. Along with that there is another angle of a married couple, Ritesh Deshmukh & Lara Dutta, living in London against the will of Lara’s father, played by Boman Irani. This part purely deals with the love story of these two couples and their related problems.
Post interval, the script moves on to the same seen before plot of “Mistaken Identities” which was also used in the last year Hit comedy “All The Best”. Here both the couples are expecting one senior person from their families, coming to visit them in London. At their simultaneous arrival, they wrongly identify the characters living together, which leads to further confusions and chaos. Thankfully, the movie picks up post intermission and you get to see some good funny sequences which entertain. But again the climax comes as a big let-down, written around a silly thought of laughing gas, which miserably fails to generate any laughter and ends the movie on a terrible note. I really wonder how the director Sajid Khan, who is known for his wide collection of Home Videos couldn’t think of any other climax for his big movie.
In a few words “Housefull” is not able to hold the viewer consistently. It’s a kind of bumpy ride, which becomes slow at times, then picks up a little and again goes back to its snail pace at regular intervals. Though it has some good moments to enjoy mainly in its second half, but still they are not enough in numbers to provide a satisfactory result to the viewers. In short the movie only reaches half the mark with its routine emotional plot and uneven funny sequences.
On the performance front, Akshay Kumar doesn’t play it loud this time and acts his part calmly. But I really missed his famous cunning smile in the comic scenes. Ritesh displays his comedy skills like a child act. In fact he can now easily be called as a master of comedies. Arjun Rampal impresses as the tough man. Out of the three girls, Deepika scores the most with her new found confidence and her stunning revealing water act in the beach song. She even excels in her emotional scenes this time, which shows that she is working on her skills. Lara looks gorgeous and like Ritesh, she is also fast becoming a pro for comedies. Jiah Khan gets less scope in the script, but looks great and sizzles in her few scenes in the movie. Boman Irani is perfect in the role of Gujrati father and Randhir Kapoor is fine as a London Casino owner. Lilette Dubey does a routine seductive act whereas Malaika Arora is just wasted.
Amusingly, out of its entire star-cast the most entertaining cameo comes from Chunky Pandey as an Italian Hotel owner. I seriously found his few scenes in the first half as the most refreshing and funny moments of the entire movie. And I wish he was given more footage along with Akshay in the later part too.
From melody point of view “Housefull” has a fairly good soundtrack with few melodious songs shot well in the exotic foreign locations. But the remix track “Apni To Jaise Taise” lacks the solid punch which still sounds more impactful in its original. Another unimpressive and strange aspect of the movie is its slow and unenergetic Background Score, which literally did not match the comic movements on the screen. On the other hand, its cinematography is simply outstanding capturing the outdoors and the beaches in a mesmerizing style. On a funny note, the 3 beauties and their bodies flowing in the waters can also be well used for Sajid Khan’s production’s next new-year calendar.
Lastly, I would only like to say that “Housefull” will no doubt reap the benefits of being the first big movie released after the IPL season. But as a complete entertainer it doesn’t live up to the expectations. With a sloppy script and sluggish pace it leaves you largely unsatisfied.
Rating : 2 / 5

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