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HUM TUM AUR GHOST - Movie Review : Has got nothing except the refreshing Diya Mirza. (Review By Bobby Sing)

26 Mar, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

An avid lover of English movies must be well familiar with the fascination Hollywood has towards stories based on Dead Persons, Ghosts, Spirits or People coming from the unknown world. Walking on a similar path Bollywood’s Hum Tum Aur Ghost also falls in the same category getting its main inspiration from the famous movies “Ghost Town” (2008) & “Ghost” (1990). But unfortunately, it remains just another mediocre inspired movie on an exciting subject which completely fails to impress the viewer from any angle.

Talking about a fashion photographer who is able to see and talk to dead people, the movie starts off in a very lethargic manner, which takes the viewer by surprise since it was more publicized as a comedy featuring Arshad Warsi, better known for his incomparable comic timing. In fact that’s the biggest slip-up made on the part of its publicity campaign, which mainly gave out the idea of it being a different laugh riot dealing with the dead, where as in reality the movie had nothing to be referred as Comedy. In the recent past, we have seen many projects being rejected due to their wrong publicity campaign and HTAG becomes the latest victim of the same.
A simple question in this respect would be that “Why to cut promos showcasing Arshad’s comic skills, when he is doing nothing of that sort in the whole movie?” And as an answer to that, it’s a pure indication of trying to fetch some extra initial in the opening weekend with a deliberate and faulty kind of publicity campaign.
Content wise, the pre and post interval impact of the movie is pretty same with nothing exceptional or worth enjoying happening on the screen. All the scenes dealing with the dead people seeking help from Arshad are treated very unexcitingly. The various stories about the past happenings with the ghosts have got nothing new to offer to the viewers. Furthermore, the movie ends with an entirely bizarre sequence (about the identity of a small boy), which even tempts you to find out who the actual writers are, responsible for this weird thought incorporated in the climax. In reality, the writers seem to be absolutely gone out of ideas in the entire screenplay as there is not a single enjoyable scene in the whole movie. It just ends as it starts without caring to provide any sort of entertainment to the viewers.
However the only refreshing element in it remains, the gorgeous Diya Mirza who pleasantly looks very charming, lovable and cool in her well chosen dresses and also comes up with a decently performed act of a fashion magazine editor. Otherwise, HTAG is a perfect example of a huge ensemble of talent wasted in a messy way. Arshad Warsi sincerely tries hard to present a make believe kind of act, but does not get the much needed support from the script. Boman Irani is excellent as the needy ghost and Sandhya Mridul is immensely confident as always. But Javed Sheikh, Shernaz Patel and Tinnu Anand have nothing substantial written for them to perform.
Technically the film shines bright with its noticeable camerawork and art direction. But musically it is not capable of creating any ripples in the market. Shankar Ehsaan Loy have delivered only a routine soundtrack for the movie, which has no melody in it. Director Kabeer Kaushik did show some sparks in his first venture “Sehar”, but in his latest, he seems to be totally confused between different genres of Comedy, Drama & Horror. HTAG is no way close to any of his previous movies based on crime or may be the news of his clashes with the producers was in turn responsible for this half hearted uninteresting product from the director.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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26 Mar 2010 / Comment ( 2 )

After a long bout of avoiding movies at the cinema, i went to see this and what a disappointment, it just didn\'t have anything or any reason that would make me recommend people should see it at the cinema, i can tolerate a mediocre film as long as it has lots of eye candy in the form of gigantic colourful sets and dance numbers, Hum tum aur Ghost however felt like a TV movie. Dia as pretty as she was barely had much to do, after all these years women are still left with barely here nor there roles which is why i love all the quite cheesy femme fatale roles mostly those made in the 80\'s /90\'s Here\'s one in point


Bobby Sing

Yeah Bollywood Deewana,
The movie had simply nothing to offer. And what's more surprsing is that the movie is said to be produced by Arshad Warsi himself....

Keep Posting !........Cheers!

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