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HUMSHAKALS - Who says HIMMATWALA was the director's worst film? (Review By Bobby Sing)

20 Jun, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H

There is a scene in this film (read atrocity), wherein Satish Shah announces that I am now going to torture both Saif & Ritesh by showing them Sajid Khan’s HIMMATWALA, which certainly was a quite brave insertion indeed. Plus in the end credits, we are shown another version of the same scene where Satish says that I am going to torture you both by showing Farah Khan’s TEES MAAR KHAN – another wise declaration undoubtedly.
However after watching Sajid’s latest offering, I am sure this scene would continue in the director’s next project too (which he is sure going to make anyhow) with the reference of HUMSHAKALS, as the film leaves the two duds mentioned above way behind in terms of content, direction, performances, execution and mental torture.
Being one of those films which makes the job of a reviewer/critic the most painful and tough task among all, I would like to thank the inventor of mobile phone with net connectivity truly, since the device becomes your only savior in such brutally cruel and awful hours to be spend in the theater. Otherwise in the olden times we just used to see each other’s faces with an amusing disappointment and had nothing else to do at all while watching such torturous attempts.
Talking about the review, I don’t think there still remains anything else to say after the straight forward heading giving you a clear idea. Still if you want to feel the comedy more in the review than the film itself, then following are the few indications of what HUMSHAKALS has in store for the viewers in the name of an entertaining comic film.
It begins calmly with a loser character, exactly like one of director’s previous ventures. But the moment you year the phrase, “Shareer Aadmi Ka Aur Dimaag Kuttey Ka”....... you know that the infamous Sajidism has begun to take you for a ride. Next there are three different wings of a mental asylum having the humshakals, a few electric shocks, a gay warden, some paraantheys made of cocaine and vodka, three ugly looking men in a long, not so funny cross-dressing sequence, a typical good for nothing Punjabi insertion (as if no Bollywood biggie can be made without a Punjabi touch nowadays), three heroines just there to be the dumb glamour dolls, poor music as well as a lazy background score (with one catchy song in the first half) and then as usual a messy end with a huge crowd running around like lunatics hired for a price.
Continuing with his passion of copying the masters……Oh sorry! paying tribute to the Classics, Sajid takes one scene from the famous MARX BROTHERS (mirror sequence), one from AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY and a whole phrase from Kishore Da’s HALF TICKET saying, “Hum Paagal Nahin Hain, Hamara Dimaag Kharaab Hai” also converting it into a mediocre song quite pathetically.
In short, its really a pity state of our Hindi film industry that where at one end, many supremely talented fresh directors are making their numerous rounds of production houses constantly with a hope of getting a chance, there such over-confident, well connected & arrogant directors are lavishly making these kind of wasteful films with nothing in the name of script or any basic storyline.
Admitting all the hard-work, effort, time and money required to make a film putting everything together, its unarguably one of the most toughest production processes in existence. But then what’s the use of all the huge hard work of a farmer if he goes on putting extra-effort, money and time on a land which has no capability to produce anything at all in reality. And in film-making the fertile land happens to be your script and then the treatment with which you go on sowing seeds (scenes) leading to the final cutting of crops as your great entertaining climax.
Sadly Sajid Khan’s HUMSHAKALS neither has a script nor any enjoyable treatment to cherish despite having an interesting cast on board. The film is entirely dependent on all deliberately written funny sequences which simply fail to generate any kind of laughter till the clichéd climax and the audiences keep watching it with a dead silence mostly. To be specific, Sajid’s previous films still had some kind of regular storyline to deal with. But in HUMSHAKALS there has been no importance or time given to the basic script/story of the project. And if a director is not interested in giving time to his major requirement of the film then why should we waste our time to review it in details talking about its various departments individually.
In short, as was being expected from its promos, HUMSHAKALS easily crosses the earlier benchmark set by Sajid’s HIMMATWALA of being one of the worst films (competing with himself), as the Ajay Devgun starrer still had a basic storyline (may be rotten), a decent action and a TIGER too to give you some kind of thrills in totality. But stepping many steps downwards HUMSHAKALS not even has that much content in its lengthy 150 minutes and Sajid should really thank KAPIL SHARMA’s show with his entire team, because it were actually those two episodes aired last week, which did create a good buzz around the movie in its final phase, post the utterly disastrous impact made by its trailers.
So though the team must have enjoyed shooting all these silly sequences together in the good weather abroad, they are not able to generate any kind of similar result for the viewers. And in case, you still wish to watch it then just wake up in the scenes of Ritesh Deshmukh and then go back to sleep in that comfortable chair of an air conditioned theater in this scorching summer.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (and that too just for Ritesh Deshmukh & also Bipasha Basu for wisely disowning the film after her dubbing.)

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20 Jun 2014 / Comments ( 4 )
kulvinder s
still in india v can expect anything to its result..
Anyhow kitne logo ka time va paisa gaya??
Bobby Sing

Dear Kulvinder S,
Its actually all about the economics of our country dependent upon the huge population.
Cause even after this kind of criticism of a movie if just 0.5% of the people go to watch it then it will easily recover its cost in a short span unbelievably.


You comment about mobile phone is so true. I was playing sudoku on my phone when I had gone to watch salman\'s blockbuster senseless movie "Ready".

Bobby Sing

Ha Ha mobile really becomes a true friend in such tough times indeed.

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