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Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

08 Feb, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

People often ask me that why I love movies so much? They ask me why I consider them as important as a divine book or teacher?  Most of the times, I can’t answer, because honestly I neither am able to find the right words nor I am willing to ruin the beauty of this thought by putting it in writing. So usually, I prefer to remain silent having a gentle smile on my face.

But whenever I see a film like HACHI which is nothing short of a divine scripture, I feel like shouting from the roof top saying YES, I love movies………, I eat and drink movies for the sole reason that they teach me how to live. And yes I keep nourishing this passion of mine constantly because they still make beautiful life teaching films such as HACHI.

Based on a rare, unbelievable and all true real life love story of a Dog and his master, HACHI is unarguably equivalent to a genuine spiritual teacher who makes you aware of your precious life and its loving moments you spend along with your loved ones. But it becomes even more important as a film since it moves ahead of the commonly known love between two human beings and takes you into a more heavenly world of a Dog’s true and lovable devotion towards his master.
Reading this, you might start thinking of many other famous movies made on this similar subject. But here without revealing the main storyline of the film, I would like to assure that HACHI will give you something which you can never ever imagine happening in the real life. It starts off very calmly without anything great happening in its initial moments but as it reveals its basic plot, the film sweeps you off completely and you remain stunned knowing the true story which really happened almost a century back.
A journey into the innocent world of a motive-less and truthful love of an adorable Dog, HACHI is far better than all those personality development books becoming the best sellers in the market. It slaps us with its message that LOVE doesn’t always demand returns and favors. And it can wait endlessly for its beloved to return to him forever. Truly speaking there have been many movies which do make the viewers cry with their emotional content. But in HACHI you get tears along with a sweet smile in your heart. It’s a film which makes you cry like never before and you simply don’t mind all those precious drops coming out of your eyes quite effortlessly.
To sum up, there are very few movies, that have the power to teach us the real meaning of the words like love, life and emotions.
Movies which go straight down to the deepest core of our hearts, irrespective of any region, religion or language.
Movies which give a new dimension to our feelings as never felt before and which need to be shown to all the kids in the family, so that they can learn from them and remember to become a better human in their future years."
HACHI is one of those rare admirable movies not to be missed.
Without writing anything more about it, I would only like to say that after watching it I couldn’t think of anything else and straight went to my Labrador friend sleeping calmly besides my bed……., I woke him up and took him in my arms with all my love and started crying.
I cried because the film reminded me of a big scary thought.
My speechless, loving friend is now more than 11 years old and all the readers who do have a pet in their homes would lovingly understand what that age really means.
Hachi - The Real Lovable Dog's Original PictureThat’s what HACHI did to me………………..and that’s what I pray it may do to everyone watching it ever.
Looking at this Original Picture of the real HACHI, I humbly Salute to the true love of this blessed soul who had such heavenly devotion for his master!
Directed by Lasse Hallstrom
Starring : Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa and more.
(A big thanks to Vamsi and Hemu for informing me about this precious gem.)

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08 Feb 2012 / Comments ( 6 )
when the movie came out two years ago, skipped viewing it as was very emotional movie..boy was i wrong...thanks to you (and Vamsi, Hemu) got to watch it and this is first rate......glad you could bring me to watch this gem and yes its an universal movie.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Rajesh for watching it after our recommendation and was glad to know that you loved it too.

manish bhardwaj

This movie reminded me of another story in which an old man [once a hunter] used to visit the post office daily waiting for a letter from his daughter. I hope u might have heard of this story. Talking about this movie, it was a indeed a Gem. Thanks for sharing.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for watching it too Manish and Cheers to that!


amit joshi
very emotional movie...........I saw it yesterday..........thanks for sharing such a wonderful movie.
Bobby Sing

I am really glad to know that all friends have watched the film after our recommendation.
Would surely keep sharing such gems on a regular basis.

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