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Haqeeqat (1964) : About the persons, very important in our lives, who we don't know about.

10 Mar, 2009 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / Articles on Cinema / THE ART OF SITUATIONAL SONGS IN HINDI FILM MUSIC

The title of the article may sound absurd but it’s true, as there are really some people responsible for our normal living who we simply don’t know about, and even don’t recognize. Whom, we haven’t met even once and still they are the reason why we are alive today living happily with our families and friends. They are the people about whom we think only at our national holidays or festivals and then forget about them in the rest of the days.

Yes, they are our brothers at the borders simply living their important years of life, guarding us and our beloveds. The topic is irrespective of any caste, faith or country as these friends are there in every country at every border in all parts of the world. The need is just to think about them, their pain and the discomfort they live in, saving us from each other

Hindi Film Industry gave us a movie called “Haqeeqat” which is truly the best Indian Film on War and also among the best works on the topic in World Cinema. It was directed by Chetan Anand and hadBalraj Sahni, Dharmendera, Vijay Anand, Sudhirand many more in leading roles of brave soldiers. Instead of talking about the magic spell of this movie and its content, I would like to talk about its immortal everlasting songs which have no parallel till date in Indian Cinema.

The most famous song, undoubtedly is "Kar Chale Hum Fida Jann-0-Tan Saathiyon, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon”   which is hugely famous and highly appreciated by music lovers of all over the world.

But here I would like to talk about the other two songs from the movie which don’t talk about patriotism, but talk about the pain of love and separation felt by every soldier while he is on the border. The songs make you feel the agony felt by a lover separated from his soul mate. They portray the dilemma faced by a soldier while he is there protecting the border. And these two songs are simply among the best written, sung and composed songs ever in the history of Indian Film Music.

Listen to them and you are sure going to agree……! 

Singers : Mohd.Rafi, Talat Mehmood, Manna Dey and Bhupinder 

Music Director : Madan Mohan, Lyrics : Kaifi Azmi 

Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaya Hoga,

Zehar Chupke Se Dava Jaanke Khaya Hoga

Hoke Majboor...

Dil Ne Aisey Bhi Kuch Afsaane Sunaaye Honge,

Ashq Aankhon Ne Piye Aur Na Bahaaey Honge

Band Kamre Mein Jo Khat Mere Jalaaye Honge,

Ek Ek Harf Zabin Par Ubhar Aayaa Hogaa

Hoke Majboor...

Usne Ghabarake Nazar Laakh Bachaayi Hogi,

Dil Ki Lutt-ti Hui Duniya Nazar Aaayi Hogi

Mez Se Jab Meri Tasveer Hataayi Hogi,

Har Taraf Mujhko Tadapata Huaa Paya Hoga

Hoke Majboor...

Chhedh Ki Baat Pe Armaan Machal Aaaye Honge,

Gham Dikhaave Ki Hansi Mein Ubal Aaye Honge

Naam Par Mere Jab Aansu Nikal Aaaye Honge,

Sar Na Kaandhe Se Saheli Ke Uthaya Hoga

Hoke Majboor...

Zulf Zid Karke Kisi Ne Jo Banaayi Hogi,

Aur Bhi Gham Ki Ghata Mukhde Pe Chhaayi Hogi

Bijli Nazaron Ne Kayi Din Na Giraayi Hogi,

Rang Chehare Pe Kayi Roz Na Aayaa Hoga

Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaya Hoga,

Zehar Chupke Se Dava Jaanke Khaya Hoga

Hoke Majboor Mujhe...


Here is another Classic from the movie :

Main Ye Sochkar Uske Dar Se Utha Tha,

Ke Vo Rok Legi Manaa Legi Mujhko

Havaon Mein Lehrata Aata Tha Daaman,

Ke Daaman Pakad Kar Bitha Legi Mujhko

Kadam Aisey Andaaz Se Uth Rahe Th-ey,

Ke Aawaaz Dekar Bulaa Legi Mujhko

Magar Usne Rokaa, Na Usne Manaya

Na Daaman Hi Pakada, Na Mujhko Bithaaya

Na Aawaaz Hi Di, Na Vaapas Bulaaya

Main Aahista Aahista Badhtaa Hi Aaya

Yahaan Tak Ki Us Se Judaa Ho Gayaa Main - 2

Judaa Ho Gayaa Main, Judaa Ho Gayaa Main - 2

Singer : Mohd.Rafi / Music Director : Madan Mohan / Lyrics : Kaifi Azmi 

Whenever I listen to these unforgettable gems, they make my day and I hope they make yours too.


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10 Mar 2009 / Comments ( 9 )

Haqeeqat is no doubt the best war movie made by the Indian Film Industry.

The article gave me the lyrics of my favourite songs.

Thanks for that ! and Keep up the good work.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Amit for logging in.

I hope you enjoy the other articles too.


Rahul Bajpai


Bobby Sing

Thanks Rahul and keep visiting dear.



Thank you !...i like very much the lyrics from Modan Mohan.
Very nice blog.

Bobby Sing

Hi Fatiha....
Madan Mohan is still fondly remembered at the "Undisputable King of Ghazals in Hindi Film Songs". There is some amazing & everlasting work done by him for everyone to enjoy till many years to come.

So keep listneing to good work and keep visiting too.


Daman Sardana

One of my fav movies.I was wondering if you had written about it. Both these songs strike a cord in your heart.They still have the power to make you cry and feel the pain of the soldiers who are away from their loved ones.Going to watch the movie again today.

V.R. Sashidhar
The art of situational songs . So happy you chose this title for this wonderful analysis of the these gems . The poetry of Sahir and Kaifi Azmi . The Lata song from Mujhee Jeene do and these two from haqueeqat are immortal gems . Every line in all three expressing the poetic genius of Kaifi Azmi or Sahir . My heart is filled with happiness after I silently read the lyrics in your post . I cant thank you enough for this fabulous description of these songs .
Bobby Sing

Dear V. R. Sashidhar,
Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation and love.
Will try my best to conitnue and write more about such masterpiece songs in the coming days.
So do Keep Visiting and Writing in,

Narayanan Iyer
Superb article Rafi Sahab and Madan Mohan Saab melodious musical golden era not many highlight .. This duo has produced immortal and eternal songs
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Narayanan Iyer.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Deepak Kumar Garg

इस तरह का संगीत बाद में बॉर्डर फिल्म में सुनने को मिला, संदेशे आते हैं, ए बीते हुऐ लम्हें 

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