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Has SUBHASH GHAI lost his Golden Touch ?

23 Mar, 2008 | Articles on Cinema

Recently Subhash Ghai came back with “Black & White” and a lot was expected from him this time. But unfortunatley he repeated history and again gave us a weak and unimpressive movie. Even Anil Kapoor could not save the drowing ship since it was the script which had nothing new to offer. “Ghai’s Midas Touch” was again missing.

In-fact, I am quite surprised why he chose a plot which had already been tried before in “Baadal”, “Dil Se”  and “Hu Tu Tu”. Also it can easily be termed as inspired from “The Devil’s Own” too. It seems that the directors dont prefer to see the work done by others in the industry and then unknowingly committ the same mistake again.
I wish he had used a virgin topic for his latest movie.
And what i really don’t want to see is a DEV ANAND repeating himself in SUBHASH GHAI.
The veteran “DEV”also gave us some masterpieces in his young days and now is coming up with such incomparable movies. (though he always comes with a new theme, but the execution lacks a lot).
Dear Subhash Ghai, we really want to see you back with classics which can be compared to “Karz”, “Hero”, “Karma”, “Vidhaata” & “Ram Lakhan”.
Hoping to see you back in form again with your “next”.

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23 Mar 2008 / Comment ( 2 )
Ghai\'s peak period was 1980s when masala movies were at peak..the director has not given a single hit since more than a decade...he is outmoded now
Bobby Sing

Yes you can easily say that Ajay since neither those engrossing, exciting moments were there in his films post Saudaagar (1991, which also showed the cracks) nor the music was used so effectively in his recent films.

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