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Hera Pheri (2000), Ramji Rao Speaking (1989), Do Ladke Dono Kadke (1979) and See the Man Run (TV) (1971)
17 Aug, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H

Priyadarshan’s HERA PHERI released in 2000, is now considered among the most famous and appreciated comedy movies of Bollywood all over. But justifying the widely known fact about Priyadarshan, this movie too is not an original baby of the director and its inspiration source goes back to another well known (but again mostly inspired) director Basu Chatterjee.

In general view Priyadarshan based his HERA PHERI on the Malayalam Hit film “RAMJI RAO SPEAKING” (1989) and simply followed the pattern and sequences used by its original creative director duo Lal Siddique.

But in reality the idea of confusion between the actual kidnappers and the people demanding the ransom money was first used in a movie released in 1979 titled “DO LADKE DONO KADKE”. The story of this lesser known film also revolved around two unemployed friends played by Amol Palekar and Asrani who try to take advantage of a kidnapping plan made by some other professional criminals. The film was directed by Basu Chatterjee and had music by the veteran Hemant Kumar.
But wait, here’s another update to this post as informed by a friendly reader of this site.
Frankly speaking, as I went into the details of the info provided, I was shocked to know that in fact none of the above mentioned movies was an original effort and they all have used the innovative idea of an American T.V. Film with the title “SEE THE MAN RUN” made in the year 1971. And looking at the track record of director Basu Chatterjee, he must have been the first person to discover this amusing plot originally written for the English flick and then used it for his own film in 1979.

(Thanks to Madhurageethan for this valuable rare information.)

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ramji rao speaking is copied from See the Man Run (TV 1971)

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Great and Thanks for this info......Would love to upgrade my psots with your refe too.




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Thanks a lot Sumon for your kind words and do keep visiting with your valuable comments too.

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