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Hiroshima (1998) (Docudrama) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Historical)

03 Mar, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Documentary

It happened more than 60 years back, even before the birth of majority of people reading this article. But till date, this ugly black patch on the World’s history still remains the most haunting disasters witnessed by the people on this earth. Created and planned by the man himself, the tragic, mean and inhuman attack was the most questionable decision taken by the authorities to destroy their rivals at that time.

BBC remembers the horrifying incident with a remarkable docu-drama feature which covers the proceedings of that particular day along with the first hand experiences of the people involved in it. Brilliantly conceived & directed by Paul Wilmshurst, the feature enlightens you with the actual story behind the atomic bomb and the reasons responsible for the decision of dropping it at Hiroshima. Along with that it also shows the dreadful impact of the bomb on the innocent civilians who never expected this kind of brutal, massive and heartless attack on their city. The shocking and horrendous site of the enormous explosion actually even shook the people responsible for it, leaving them with a strange feeling, filled with mixed reactions.
The feature is an intelligent mix of actual interviews of the people who witnessed it and a very passionate reconstruction of the awful incident in details with a good use of computer graphics. In addition to this, the movie also showcases the available real archive footage of the proceedings, which in turn makes it a must watch docu-drama for every single human being enjoying the blessing of life. In fact, I would like to recommend every University in the world to show this movie to their young students which will surely help them to have a better understanding of the History and will encourage them to build a better world to live in for the coming generation.
I wish somebody from the schools and universities reads this article and shows the movie to his or her students as a step to make a difference in their lives.
Directed By Paul Wilmshurst.

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